EA FC's Big New Feature Isn't That New After All

The official EA FC 24 Career Deep Dive trailer is finally here with EA Sports announcing all new improvements and updates in Career Mode.

Fans have been waiting for this announcement for months now as we progress from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24.

Loads of information have been released by EA FC 24 on all new features that have been added to Career Mode, as the new was released 24 hours ago, there has been time for a lot of conversations and reactions online regarding the latest information. Without further or do, let's dive into EA's big 'new' feature that fans have seen before.


EA FC 24 introduces coaching staff, allowing players to hire assistant coaches to perfect their team's tactical approach and player development.

The coaching staff has a significant impact on how well the team learns tactics and how players develop. There are four coaching departments,

  • Attack
  • Midfield
  • Defence
  • Goalkeeping

Coaches have two dimensions: Tactical Knowledge and Player Development. Better coaching staff leads to faster player development and improved player performance.

Coaches in ea fc 24
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A nice new feature added to EA FC 24, revolutionising how Career Mode managers can maximise player development, or so we thought. Reddit users took over as these 'new' and exclusive features brought to EA FC 24 are not as new as suggested in the Career Mode deep dive.

A screenshot from u/lanecker94 FIFA 07 Career Mode resurfaced on Career Mode showcasing an old feature that was later removed called 'staff upgrades'. The higher the upgraded staff the better your players will grow, specifying in areas of a players game such as a strikers fitness level.

FIFA 07 coaches
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FIFA 07 coaches

Pre-match preparations

Match Ready Training offers one-off drills to prepare your team before a Career Mode match. These drills allow you to concentrate on specific areas of the game and unlock temporary PlayStyles for your players. The temporary PlayStyles are rewards based on the chosen drill and the positions of the participating players. Only players involved in the drill will receive the temporary PlayStyles.

The Match Ready Training features a range of drills covering Dribbling, Defending, Passing, Shooting, and Set Pieces. You can use these drills to enhance your team's strengths or focus on countering your opponent's attacking strategies.

Free kick pre-match prep!
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Free kick pre-match prep!

Reddit user u/lanecker94 compared this latest EA FC 24 addition to the old pre-match preparations that were also removed from FIFA.

A very similar feature that was removed from FIFA has now been re-added into the game.

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Two huge additions added to EA FC 24 Career Mode, that are maybe not as new as we had though from an initial viewing of the Career Mode deep dive.

Although we are happy to see these features being reintroduced into EA FC fans online seem disappointed that there are no new groundbreaking features in Career Mode.

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