EA FC 24 Precision Pass: PlayStyles EXPLAINED

EA FC multiple characters

EA FC multiple characters

EA Sports FC 24 is almost here and we have loads of content for you, covering the latest release from EA, including deep dives into Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs, whilst also giving you great articles surrounding player ratings, like budget beasts and the best French players in UT.

If you want to succeed in EA FC 24 but can’t figure out how to pass the ball properly? Here we will tell you what the EA FC Precision Pass is and how to use it.

In EA FC 24, there are three different types of Precision Passes, without further ado, let's get into explaining how they work!

What is the Precision Pass in FC 24?

The Precision Pass in EA FC is a special mechanic that allows you to precisely choose the range and shape of your passes. There are three types of Precision Passes and each of them serves a unique purpose.

EA FC multiple characters
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  • Ground Precision Pass – A classic straight and fast past.
  • Swerve Precision Pass – A tricky pass with a slight curve.
  • Precision Lob Pass – A classic lob pass that allows you to shoot the ball over the heads of other players.

How to use Precision Pass in FC 24

To perform one of these Precision Passes, you will need to use a certain combination of buttons. Here’s a list of these inputs:

  • Ground Precision Pass – Press R1+Triangle or RB+Y.
  • Swerve Precision Pass – Add L2 or LT to the Ground Precision Pass input to turn it into a Swerve Pass.
  • Precision Lob Pass – Press R1+Square or RB+X.

If you start making one of these Precision Passes, you will be able to see a dot on the field that you can use to aim. Also, the player who tries to receive this pass will be highlighted so you can see his or her position.

Precision passing is a slower alternative to moving the ball around, however, they are one of the best options for long-distance passing. Precision passes allow for an accurate long ball to be made, into the path of your targeted runner.

Best ways to use Precision Pass types in FC 24

These three types of Precision Passes are extremely useful if you can use them properly. The Ground Pass works perfectly when you need to quickly deliver the ball to another player who is ready to receive it. The trajectory of this pass is straight, which makes it easy to intercept. However, if there are no opposing players who can take the ball from you, then this is a perfect option.

The Swerve Pass is a bit tricky. It can be used to outplay your opponents when they try to block your passes. Just shoot the ball with a slight curve, and the opponent's defenders may not have time to intercept it.

Finally, Lob Passes are good when you need to deliver the ball to the other side of the field. This will help you avoid opposing players who are too close to you as the ball will simply fly over their heads.

Precision Passing
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Credit: Via @Jake_FutTrading on Twitter
Fans calling Precision Passing the new META!

This is how you use the Precision Pass feature in EA FC and we highly recommend that you master it as quickly as possible. Being able to use these inputs at the right time will help you launch precise attacks on the opposing team.

Precision Pass PlayStyle

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The Pinged Pass PlayStyle allows players with this PlayStyle to execute the precision pass to a greater ability.

This PlayStyle allows players to use precision passes allowing the ball to travel at higher speeds than regular players. The passing is more accurate and quicker to allow for the ball to be harder to intercept.

Pinged Pass PlayStyles
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Pinged Pass PlayStyles

PlayStyles & PlayStyles+


Through passes are more accurate, swerve passes are delivered with more curve, and precision passes travel faster to the destination.

EA FC Vini
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Through passes are far more accurate, swerve passes are delivered with a maximum curve, and precision passes travel at top speed to the destination.

CPU AI Precision Pass

New PlayStyles mechanics are also available for the CPU AI to use for offline matches. Allowing for a more authentic experience while playing against the computer such as in Career Mode.

Mechanics such as precision passes are now to the use of CPU AI allowing the computer to have more strategies and decision-making stills in place. This is available through all levels of difficulties.

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