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EA Sports FC Mobile is getting closer and closer with EA releasing new information about the mobile game; the hype is truly building.

We now have official details on FC Mobile that we can't wait to share, from the official release date to the new mechanics and features in the game - some familiar to console players.

Without further or do, let's dive into the latest EA Sports FC mobile news!

EA FC release date

The official release date of EA Sports FC Mobile is Tuesday, September 26 2023.

Get ready to play what is set up to be the best football mobile game yet with some exciting new mechanics that EA have carried over from console versions.

Become a founder

Experience the dawn of a new era as a key figure in The World's Game saga. Circle the date, August 24 UTC, on your calendar as we invite you to partake in the Founders event. This momentous occasion promises to bestow upon you exclusive advantages that will serve as a launching pad for your forthcoming expedition in EA SPORTS FC Mobile.

By assuming the esteemed role of a Founder, you secure a coveted spot and unlock a treasure trove of distinctive Player Items and Vanity Items. Furthermore, your ticket to the Founders Premium Star Pass guarantees you elite privileges upon the grand unveiling of EA SPORTS FC Mobile.

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FC Mobile cover star

Vinicius Jr has been confirmed to be the official cover star for the first title of EA Sports FC Mobile!

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Next level gameplay

FC Mobile has new gameplay features that allow you to take command on the pitch with the all-new 'Impact Controls'. Impact controls such as 'Power Shot', 'Knock On' and 'Hard Tackle' allow players to experience gameplay that has never been witnessed in football mobile gaming. True Player Personality and more will bring gameplay to a new level.

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Locker room

Personalise your team and players to suit your preferred style. Fine-tune your star players' kit numbers and kit appearance within the Locker Room, a centralised customisation hub. Modify the length of their socks, sleeve length, and shirt tucking style in classic Locker Room fashion. Your unique touch, elegantly expressed – relish in authentic customisation like never before.

Immersive broadcast experience

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An innovative broadcasting encounter that draws you right into the heart of the action. Enriched with fresh match introduction sequences and dynamic camera perspectives during gameplay, FC Mobile envelops you in a genuine football atmosphere, capturing every facet from pre-game rituals to the euphoria of trophy presentations.

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UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League Will now join EA FC Mobile with full exclusive rights - meaning there are no other football mobiles games with these tournaments. FC Mobile offers the most unique football mobile gaming experience with exclusive rights to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League. Track the journey meticulously, starting from the group stages and culminating in the grand finale of the UEFA Champions League.

FC Mobile leagues and licenses

FC Mobile offers a range of leagues and exclusive licenses available on mobile, offering a fully exclusive and dynamic football mobile gaming experience.

FC Mobile is the most true-to-life mobile experience, with over 18,000 players across 650+ teams and over 30 leagues. FC Mobile is the only place on mobile where you can play the iconic UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga EA Sports.

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