What are Informs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Inform ea fc 24

Inform ea fc 24

The first title of EA FC is approaching, with many new players looking forward to playing Ultimate Team for the first time. There is loads of information to learn about, this article will take you through one of the longest promos in FIFA and EA FC history - TOTW and 'Informs'.

With EA FC ratings underway, the full launch of the first title is getting closer. So let's take a look at what are Informs in EA FC 24!

LATEST - Min rating for TOTW players

Latest news has broke out that players included in the EA FC 24 TOTW will be a minimum of 80 rated. In previous years TOTW players could be any rating such as a Silver inform being 74 rated with insane stats.

EA Sports have announced that all TOTW players will be at least 80 rated.

Can Women be in the EA FC TOTW?

Yes, for the first time ever Women will be included into the EA FC Team of the Week joining Men in Ultimate Team.

This offers a range of new cards and exciting TOTW options!

Informs in EA FC 24

Informs have been around since FIFA 10 when they were introduced in 2009 and since their introduction they have been a staple and fan favourite in Ultimate Team.

Informs are part of the 'Team of the Week' where players are rewarded on their real-life performances with an 'Inform' card. Players will play on the weekend and depending on how well a player performs they will be included in the 'Team of the Week'. This entire Team of the Week, abbreviated to TOTW, is then upgraded with inform cards.

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How big is an Informs upgrade?

Informs are upgraded by at least 1 overall however, some upgrades can go up to +15 or even more. This is completely dependent on the player's original rating. If a player is a Bronze card then it is expected to see them upgraded to a Gold Inform, this is what happened in FIFA 23 and is what we can predict in EA FC 24.

There were zero bronze Informs in FIFA 23, however, there were Silver Informs thus we can expect the same in EA FC 24 as all Bronze Informs were upgraded to Silver or Gold cards.

When are Informs released?

Informs are released within the TOTW in EA FC 24 which will be every single Wednesday from 6:00PM BST. This will begin with the release of EA FC 24.

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