EA FC 24: Manchester City upgrades might make them unstoppable



Fans across the world are eagerly waiting on the release of EA FC 24 with ratings being announced at the start of September the hype of the new title of FC 24 is at an all-time high!

We currently have predictions on the men's top 100 player with an article taking you through each player! Currently have have leaks on the FC 24 ratings from 50-41 and on to the top players in the world.

Manchester City recently won the treble in an amazing fashion, they currently have an amazing squad in real life and in FIFA 23, but with FC 24 around the corner are Manchester City due upgrades? We can predict there to be many upgrades after this historic season but with Man City already being so good, will these upgrades make them unstoppable?

Manchester City upgrades making them too good?

Treble winners Manchester City are of course receiving many upgrades in ratings in FC 24, as if they weren't strong enough in the game! These upgrades will make Manchester City players unstoppable in the game. The latest Manchester City players we have information on is:

  • Rodri from 87 rated to 89 rated
  • Julien Alvarez from 78 rated to 80 rated
  • Bernardo Silva remains 88 rated
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Not only is the current Manchester City team OP, but with record-breaking signing Josko Gvardiol, Manchester City can simply purchase anyone they want. Gvardiol is currently 81-rated in FIFA 23 but we predict for him to be upgraded to 84-rated.

Gvardiol's predicted card in FC 24

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Gvardiol prediction in FC 24!

With new star signings such as the Croatian international Gvardiol, Manchester City are ought to be overpowered in EA FC 24 for another year.

Are Manchester City too good in FC 24?

As more ratings are revealed we are sure to see many more Manchester City players near the top of the list. Manchester City are a super team and we can expect them to be a super team in FC 24 too. With Haaland the new cover star of FC 24 it makes us think, what rating will he be in this new title?

Are these players going to be used in UT?

With players such as Foden, Grealish, and Ake all expecting to get upgraded, it's not just the top players such as Haaland that will be widely used, this Manchester City team will be full of playable cards for FC 24.

Manchester City in Career Mode:

Not only will players be used in Ultimate Team, Manchester City also has an array of talents that are wonderkids in Career Mode. With talents such as:

  • Cole Palmer (84 POT)
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  • Rico Lewis (87 POT)
  • Maximo Perrone (84 POT)
  • Taylor Harwood-Bells (83 POT)
  • Issa Kabore (83 POT)
  • Yan Couto (82 POT)
  • Luke Mbete (81 POT)
  • Callum Doyle (81 POT)
Rico Lewis
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Rico Lewis

It will not just be Manchester City's first team that receives upgrades but also their reserves and youth players. Maybe we just accept that Manchester City are too good at the moment especially in FIFA as their first team and second team only going to get better.

EA FC 24 has updated how player development works through coaches and training making it possible to really turn these players into world-class talents!

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