EA FC 24: Position Cards Removed from Ultimate Team

The eagerly awaited deep dive into EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team has arrived. The live stream lasted approximately 7 minutes, unveiling all the novel features and updates in the EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The excitement surrounding EA FC 24 is palpable, with only one more comprehensive exploration remaining, focusing on Clubs. After delving deeply into gameplay, career mode, match day experience, and Ultimate Team, we now possess a thorough comprehension of what lies ahead in this fresh title and the new era of EA Sports FC.

Players changing to alternative positions automatically was shown in the Ultimate Team deep dive, confirming the fact that position cards are no longer in the game. Without further or do, lets dive into the news and reactions of position cards being removed in Ultimate Team.

Position cards removed

First it was formation cards and now position cards have also been removed, an end of an era for position cards. In EA FC 24 you will now be able to play players in any alternative position such as Havertz being able to play CAM, RW or ST.

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Simply put the player in any of these positions and his position will change to an alternative position.

For a smoother squad-building experience, EA have entirely put away with Position Modifier consumables. Now, relocating Player Items within the Squad is a seamless process, and players will effortlessly enhance Chemistry in both their Primary and Alternative Positions.

This alteration extends to SBCs and Ultimate Team Draft as well, presenting heightened flexibility and simplifying the process of assembling your squads, making it more convenient than ever before.

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