EA FC 24: OP women players creating more options in UT?

Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr

EA FC 24 is just around the corner as we eagerly await for the official EA FC 24 ratings to be announced by EA Sports. Fans are excited to see how ratings compare to last year, which cards will be the new meta, and which women players will be popular in FUT!

As we get closer to seeing the official ratings, we have a men's Top 100 player prediction article live that we will soon find out how accurate this is! Currently we have leaks on the FC 24 ratings from 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11 and the Top 10 players in EA FC 24!

Women players in Ultimate Team excites many players as it will now add more options to Ultimate Team rather than players having the same squads. This article will discuss some players that look like they will be overpowered in Ultimate Team and how we think they will perform in game!

Women OP in Ultimate Team

Women are of course a part of Ultimate Team in FC 24 and are also a part of the ratings reveal too, mixed with the men players!

From recent leaks, we are starting to see some of the highly-rated women's players that look insane! We are yet to see how they play in-game but on paper, their stats look top class!

Will women in Ultimate Team add more viable options?

It is believed that women will make Ultimate Team a new experience as there are now many more Ultimate Team avenues you can go down. Not only will players be able to create a lot more new hybrid squads. Fans of clubs can now support their men's and women's teams by creating their squad in the game.

Such as an 'only Arsenal squad' with a mixture of men's and women's football in the game!

Sophia Smith (87 OVR)

At 87 rating, Smith looks like she will be one of the best women's players in the game. This card can be compared to Mbappe and we are sure this card will be very annoying to play against!

With 81 physicality we think that this card will compete very well even against larger defenders.

Sophia Smith
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Kadidiatou Diani (89 OVR)

Diani is another player to add to the watchlist for FC 24, with 89 pace and 85 shooting this card will be insane!

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Guro Reiten (88 OVR)

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Speedy and OP Chelsea winger, Guro Reiten looks to be a potential candidate for a new overpowered player in FC 24, especially at the beginning of the game with good pace, dribbling, and shooting.

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Graham Hansen (90 OVR)

Barcelona star Hansen is leaked as a 90-rated card holding some incredible stats! Now at 90 rated, we can't really class her as 'OP', however, with 89 pace, 86 shooting, 91 dribbling, and five-star skills - this card will be incredible in FC 24!

Graham Hansen
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Graham Hansen

Will women players be able to compete with the physicality against men in Ultimate Team?

We are yet to see how women and men will play together in Ultimate Team, there must be the right balance as for example, Guro Reiten is 5 foot 4.7 inches, and it is possible that she is OP because of her height, with good pace and agility.

There is also the possibility that she is dispossessed off the ball easily or can never win a header. EA must find the right balance to make sure that the cards pair up against each other well.

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