EA FC 24: New icon chemistry explained

EA FC 24 Icon Ronaldo
Credit: Sportskeeda

EA FC 24 Icon Ronaldo
Credit: Sportskeeda

The EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Deep Dive took place on August 9 and revealed a lot of new information about the mode. Plenty of exciting new features were announced, such as Play-styles, Moments Co-op, Evolutions, and of course, the new icon chemistry.

This new icon chemistry feature is one fans have been asking for quite some time. Players wanted to be able to build more diverse squads in EA FC 24 and this feature allows just that. It also makes icons from lesser-used leagues more valuable.

So, without further ado, let's find out everything about the new icon chemistry.

EA FC 24 icon chemistry

From now on, icon players will give +1 chemistry to every league in your squad. This didn't happen in previous editions, as icons would grant two chemistry points but only to players from the same country or region.

This means icons from lesser-used leagues are now much more viable, such as Kenny Dalglish, Jari Litmanen, or Michael Laudrup. It also gives players a plethora of new options when it comes to squad building.

EA FC 24 Icon Ronaldinho
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With this new icon chemistry, it's much easier to build hybrid teams. So, there are endless combinations of players you can use in your squad while having perfect chemistry.

Icons will also only have a single base version. More versions of the card will be released throughout the year. Furthermore, female icons are also coming to EA FC 24, with legends such as Mia Hamm, Sonia Bompastor, and Alex Scott, being added to the game.

This feature has left the majority of the EA FC community very pleased. Most players are certain it will improve their gaming experience, and also make squad building the most entertaining it has ever been.

Ultimate Team new features

As mentioned above, plenty of new Ultimate Team features were announced in the deep dive. These features aim to make Ultimate Team a more entertaining mode to play and provide players with a better gaming experience.

EA FC 24 Ultimate Team
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Ultimate Team is introducing some new features!

EA FC 24 introduced Play-styles, Moments Co-op, new animated card designs, and ended position modifier cards, among many other things. All of these changes mark the beginning of a new era in Ultimate Team. Hopefully, this one will also provide players with some great memories.

If you want to check out all the new features coming to Ultimate Team, check out our EA FC 24 Ultimate Team guide.

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