EA FC 24: Mid and Prime Icons removed!

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EA FC 24 Icon

The EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team deep dive is finally here, the live stream lasted 6 and a half minutes long showcasing everything new and updates in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

The hype is well and truly here for EA FC 24 as we now have just one more deep dive to go being Clubs. Through deep dives in gameplay, career, match day experience and ultimate team - we now have a very good understanding on what to expect in the brand new title and new era of EA Sports FC.

Through the latest Ultimate Team deep dive, loads of new information was revealed, one that caught everyones attention is that fact that there are no more mid or prime icons in EA FC 24. Without further or do, lets dive into the latest Icon updates.

EA FC 24 Icons update

In a surprising turn of events, the upcoming EA FC 24 installment brings a significant alteration to the Icon landscape, omitting the Mid and Prime variations that have long been a hallmark of the franchise. This announcement comes as a departure from the norm, signaling a deliberate shift in the approach to these legendary player cards.

Icon base cards

Unlike previous editions, icons in EA FC 24 will now exclusively possess a single base card, marking a departure from the traditional Mid and Prime versions. This streamlined approach aims to redefine the way players engage with these revered football icons.

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Icon promos

The absence of Mid and Prime Icons opens the door for a fresh approach to releasing new versions of these legendary players. EA Sports is poised to introduce revamped iterations through a series of promotional events, injecting excitement into the game by unveiling unique and dynamic ICON variants that align with specific themes or moments.

This strategic pivot showcases EA Sports' commitment to innovation, ensuring that every step of the journey in EA FC 24 remains an engaging and evolving experience for players.

While this deviation from the customary may raise eyebrows, it sets the stage for a new era of Icon representation, hinting at a dynamic and ever-changing landscape where iconic football figures will continue to be celebrated through innovative and captivating means.

As EA FC 24 draws closer, anticipation mounts around the unveiling of these new Icon variations and the fresh narratives they will bring to the virtual pitch.

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