EA FC 24: LEAKED Gameplay footage!

EA FC is quickly approaching with deep dives and pitch notes being released by EA Sports every week. The excitement builds as fans across the world continue to learn more about the new title.

New leaks continue to be posted on social media as fans want to see exclusive information on the new job title, even before it has been posted by EA.

One new leak showcases a first look into EA Sports FC's real gameplay showcasing a FC 24 match with dribbling and shooting as well as other aspects of the game. Without further or do, let's dive into what this leak tells us about EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 gameplay footage leak

The first scene from the leak showcases an overview of a live EA FC 24 match being Manchester City v PSG. The pitch is laid with stats on which team has the most possession in which area of the pitch.

It showcases a throw-in too, which looks similar to the current dynamics in FIFA 23.

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The defensive shape is highlighted in this footage playing a narrow defensive line midway up the field.

EA Sports have spoken about the intelligence of defenders being expanded and we can see here how players look to be moving into their tactical formations more fluidly.

defensive line
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In the next scene, a first look at PlaySyles are shown in the player hub, replacing what used to be traits in FIFA 23. A 91-rated Aga Hogerberg is showcased as having 5 PlayStyles in EA FC 24.

play styles
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The new corner-taking dynamic is showcased, allowing players to aim their line in the direction of where they want the free kick to go. Players with suitable PlayStyles will have a longer line, thus being able to aim to their target main with more success. The area in which the ball is hit and power is also on and next to the ball to decide how much curve is added.

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Although this leak is only 32 seconds long, we now have a better understanding of what the real gameplay footage may look like. It is worth noticing that this footage is all pre-beta footage therefore many changes could be made up until the full release. To watch the full leak, click here.

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