Evolutions Cards Require Coins!

Moukoko evolutions

Moukoko evolutions

EA Sports FC 24 is almost here, and EA has revealed the official player ratings database for all players in the new game, ahead of its release on 29 September!

We have you covered on all things EA FC 24, from deep dives into your favourite game modes, such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and newly-named Clubs. As well as, our latest pieces, which include the best Argentinian players in EA FC 24, and budget beasts for your starter squad in Ultimate Team.

In the latest title of the EA franchise, the game developers have added a new feature to Ultimate Team, which has sent fans into a frenzy. Evolutions is a new feature added to the game mode, allowing players to upgrade a chosen card throughout the game cycle, by completing challenges and objectives, which will inevitably upgrade the card!

How does Evolutions work?

Evolutions give the player the ability to upgrade a player of their choosing throughout the game cycle, completing objectives on the way to increase the overall of their chosen player. Everyone in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team will have access to this feature, however, it has come to light that there are two ways to upgrade a card and each have specific requirements.

Evolutions requirements EA FC 24
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Evolutions requirements

There is the normal Evolutions path and the Paid Evolutions path. So how much does it cost and what does the community think?

How much does Paid Evolutions cost?

According to popular and reliable leaker @FutSheriff, there will be free Evolutions and paid Evolutions cards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. To put it simply, the paid Evolutions cards will have a higher ceiling, and be more upgradeable than the free version.

The paid version will cost players 50,000 coins, or 1,000 FC points. It costs players £8.99 to buy FIFA points on FIFA 23, so likely it will cost the same in EA FC 24.

Reaction to paid Evolutions

FIFA Creator and Host, @ChuBoi posted via Twitter, a statement that read:

"Not sure why people are upset about Paid Evolutions paths in #FC24. They said some would cost coins/points on stage in Amsterdam reveal (embargoed) and also in the Deep Dive. It’s been known for a while…"

Despite it being known in the FIFA community that Evolutions would have a paid version, people still seem upset that EA has made their new feature pay-to-win in some way.

One reply from @MosErsatzbank said: "It still kills the vibe a little, although we already know it for several weeks, pay to get better players emphasises P2W (pay-to-win) in some way."

Whereas @VovinhoFUT said: "I would be upset if we could only use FC points, but as we can also use coins there is no reason to complain."

Evolutions EA FC 24
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Evolutions example Renato Sanches

As this is a new feature of the game, there will be mixed reviews until people actually try it out, however, some are still unsure about paying to evolve a card on Ultimate Team.

Despite this, the excitement for EA FC 24 is at an all-time high and fans are eager to get their hands on the game to put their first player through Evolutions, whether that be the free or paid version.

Struggling for a player to evolve, we have a few options for you!

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