EA FC 24 is already winning in one MAJOR category

EA FC 24 Sam Kerr

EA FC 24 Sam Kerr

EA FC 24 is almost here and the hype around this new release couldn't get much bigger.

Despite all the new headline features that have been announced over the past few weeks, there's one aspect we want to look at in particular.

EA is taking a risk with the release of this new era-defining game but have they already won?

When it comes to visuals, we can't deny that EA FC 24 is shaping up to be one of the best-looking football - and sports games - ever released.

EA FC's Early Victory

A lot of people were concerned and confused when EA Sports FC was officially announced, with some concerned that the departure from the FIFA brand would have negative implications.

That, coupled with months of silence, meant the voice of doubt started to get louder.

EA FC 24 Bellingham
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NEW MODELS - EA FC 24 boasts new Sapien technology

However, following the recent deep dives provided by EA, we can see that this brand-new era is already winning one major category, and that's with the visuals.

Over the past few years, developments in technology have meant that EA has been able to consistently improve player models, match lighting and everything in between.

FIFA 23 looked amazing and would anyone have complained if no further improvements were made? Either way, that isn't EA's style and the new looks on show for EA FC 24 promise to make this game a visual masterpiece.

Finer Details

We talk a lot about how small details go a long way in sports games and EA seem to be paying careful attention to every fibre, literally!

One new feature for EA FC 24 is the new GPU cloth that will make items like shirts interact with players in a way we've never seen before.

Whilst this is a minute detail, it is certain to have a massive impact when looking to experience the game.

EA FC 24 Haaland
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BETTER THAN EVER - Frostbite tech has soared to a new level

The overall matchday experience has also been improved, with new mode-specific match intros offering that extra splash of detail that we all love to see.

These details are small and they're not exactly going to break new ground and justify the full price tag, but they will certainly go a long way in making EA FC 24 the most immersive football game we've ever seen.

Huge Potential

While there are plenty of rivals vying for the same crown, EA FC 24 may be about to stand tall as the best-looking sports game ever released.

Whilst games like NBA 2K and even WWE 2K are strong shouts in recent years, the developments showcased in these new EA FC deep dives have been particularly impressive.

Not only that, but these new features represent only the start, with EA giving themselves plenty of room to develop them in the coming years.

EA FC 24 stadiums
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VISUAL DELIGHT - EA FC is ticking all the boxes

As the start of a new era, EA needed to make this game stand out from previous FIFA releases and the visual progression looks to be the main way in which they've done that.

Like a trump card in their back pocket, these visual cues are certain to please fans and critics alike as EA attempts to begin its new era with a visual bang.

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