How to Score Free Kicks in EA FC 24

Free kicks EA FC

Free kicks EA FC

EA Sports FC 24 is finally here, and fans have been loving early access, with the full release of the game on Friday.

We have covered a load of content for you including guides on how to defend, as well as how to complete the Relentless Winger, and Golden Glow Up Evolutions, but the gameplay is what really makes the difference in EA FC 24, so let's take a look at one aspect of that.

Free kicks don't always come often in FIFA or FC 24, yet when you do get the opportunity you need to be able to find the back of the net, so without further ado, here's how to score free kicks in EA FC 24!

How to score free kicks in EA FC 24

In FC 24, free kicks are no different from the previous title of FIFA 23, and players who played both games should be able to grasp this guide pretty quickly.

Channel your inner James Ward-Prowse, or Lionel Messi, and find the back of the net every time with these tips.

FC 24 Free kicks
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James Ward-Prowse

You can try these set pieces in the practice arena before a game if you like, or give it a go first-hand when the pressure is on.

Free kick guide

Before taking the free kick, you will want to ensure that your best free kick taker is the one shooting, this makes a world of difference, and the better they are at set pieces, the more chance you have of scoring.

We recommend Lionel Messi, James Ward-Prowse, or Dani Parejo, as all three players have 90+ FK accuracy on FC 24!

  1. Pick your free kick taker, the person in your team with the best combination of FK accuracy, power, and curve is the best option.
  2. Hitting a perfect free kick is about accuracy. You will want to aim for the top corner behind where the wall is standing, by using the Inside Foot Curled, and pull the reticle down so that the aiming line looks like it's going over the wall.
  3. Aim between the third and fourth man in the wall. Shooting from the left-hand side (right side of the wall), and if you're shooting from the right-hand side (left side of the wall).
  4. You will then want to put around three and a half bars of power in your shot if you are within 25 yards, and a little closer to four bars if you are further out. This will ensure the ball flies past the goalkeeper.
  5. Lastly, take the shot, once these steps are complete, you should be wheeling off to try a new celebration in the corner with your fans!
Lionel Messi EA FC
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Lionel Messi

Free kicks are an art, and mastering them isn't easy, however, if you can score nine out of 10 free kick opportunities, then you will easily win more matches. Treat them like penalties, and make your success rate increase with these steps!

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