EA FC 24: How to do the bronze pack trading method

Bronze pack method

Bronze pack method

EA FC 24 is just one day away from being released through Early Access!

With the Web App now and TOTW 1 officially out, players cannot wait until they can get a start playing with their Ultimate Team squads on consoles.

The bronze pack method is a trading tactic that has been around for years now and it is most effective at the start of a new FC title. This allows players to start collecting more coins, especially in the Web App or Companion App before players have access to playing matches. So let's take a look at how to do the bronze pack method.

The Bronze Pack Method

The FC 24 store offers bronze packs for 750 coins, which is touted as an excellent choice for trading with potential hidden bronze players that sell for a profit or even nice kits! These packs contain a diverse assortment of 12 Bronze items, 3 being rare, encompassing players and consumables, along with one Rare item.

How to do the Bronze Pack Method

The fundamental principle of the Bronze Pack Method is to strategically build up your club's card collection with items that will eventually become valuable, all while striving to offset the cost of each pack.

EA FC 24: How to do the bronze pack trading method
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In essence, when executed correctly, the Bronze Pack Method allows you to accumulate valuable Bronze cards for your club without additional expenses.

Bronze cards are typically the most affordable cards in the game, often fetching around 150 coins through bidding and 200 coins via the 'Buy It Now' option.

However, when a Squad Building Challenge (SBC) pops up requiring specific club, nation, or player cards, the value of Bronze Cards can suddenly soar. That's when your club is packed with these in-demand, high-value cards, and that's your golden opportunity to cash in on their sale.

Bronze cards and SBCs

SBCs will potentially allow some of your bronze cards to go from being worth 150-200 coins all the way up to 10k coins as there will not be a lot of supply of Bronze cards on the transfer market.

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