EA FC 24: How to Power Shot

erling haaland in EA FC 24

erling haaland in EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is set to be released on 29 September, so making sure that you know every trick in the book, is key before the game’s release.

Introduced in FIFA 23, the Power Shot allows players to have a thunderous effort on goal in the hopes of scoring, and it is a really beneficial technique to learn before EA FC 24. With our top FC 24 OP players, you will be able to make them even better with this technique!

The shooting mechanic essentially allows the player to aim the perfect shot on goal, with the hope of it flying past the goalkeeper and into the net.

How to do a Power Shot in EA FC 24

The Power Shot can be performed by anyone on the pitch, including your goalkeeper, however, it is better to use it with one of your best attacking players.

For the best chance at positive results, you will want to try a Power Shot with your striker, on their preferred foot, unless they have a five-star weak foot of course.

Mbappe EA FC 24
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Kylian Mbappe

Power Shots are very easy to execute in FC 24, and all you have to do is press L1+R1 while pressing the circle button or shoot button depending on which game controls you play on.

That is for PlayStation users, and on Xbox, it is LB+RB while pressing B.

The perfect Power Shot

Now that you’ve got to grips with using the Power Shot, here’s how to ensure that it goes in, the majority of the time!

When taking your shot on goal, you will want to ensure that you release the shoot button, whether that be circle or B, at exactly the right time. Preferably when the shot power reaches in between the third and fourth bar.

Sam Kerr EA FC 24
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Sam Kerr EA FC 24

You will also want to ensure that your aim is correct, as many of us will have sent a Power Shot out for a throw-in at some point or another.

When shooting, ensure your left stick is facing toward the goal you are aiming at, and if you can be even more specific, aim for the corner.

Will the Power Shot be OP in EA FC 24?

We believe that the Power Shot will be very overpowered in FC 24, thanks to EA’s PlayStyles introduction in Clubs.

Clubs players will now be able to apply the Power Shot PlayStyle to their pro, once unlocked, and could be unleashing crackers from all over the field.

Haaland EA FC 24
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Erling Haaland EA FC 24

Erling Haaland also has the Power Shot PlayStyle on his card, making him even more of a threat in-game!

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