EA FC 24: Can you become captain?

Kieran Trippier EA FC 24

Kieran Trippier EA FC 24

As we come closer to saying goodbye to FIFA for good, it's time to get excited about EA Sports FC 24. For all those wanting to play Career Mode and Player Career Mode this year, we have all the tips and tricks to get you started, ready for release on 29 September.

Captains are the leaders of the dressing room, and commonly the most experienced players on the pitch.

These players are very vocal and lead by example in all aspects of the game, and many go on to become managers in the future!

How to become a captain in Career Mode?

In Career Mode it is fairly simple to make a player captain of the team.

When in the Career Mode menu, go to Squad, and then Team Management, after that go to Roles and click on the player that you want to captain your side.

van Dijk EA FC 24
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Liverpool captain Virgil van Dijk

Although you have free reign to pick whoever you want as captain, players with the Leadership trait are suited better to the role, however, it doesn't make too much difference.

Can you captain your team in Player Career Mode?

Player Career Mode is a gradual thing, which takes a lot of time, effort, and good performances for you to become successful in your career.

As you start at a low overall, you begin to fight your way into the first team as a rookie, making your debut and cementing yourself into the squad.

The better your performances are during games, the more rewards you will earn off the pitch.

Lionel Messi EA FC 24
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Lionel Messi

Your pro will be given skill points, which will help towards archetypes and perks as you level up through performing well.

This, mixed with your personality, which you can alter in every decision made in the Career Mode all adds up and ultimately defines you as a player.

Eventually, once you have a high enough rating, are established in the first team, and a few seasons into your career, you will be given the captain's armband!

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