Fastest Players in EA FC 24!

Vini Jr EA FC 24

Vini Jr EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 player ratings have been revealed, ahead of the 29 September release date for the full game, and we are pleased to share with you an incredible amount of content, from deep dives into Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs, as well as the best starter-squads in UT and much more!

Each year anticipation for who the best players will be to use on the game builds, and we finally have the entire database of player ratings to get stuck into, and where better to begin than the fastest players in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team!

Pace has been the meta since Ultimate Team came to exist and the faster the player, usually the more OP they are, we've had some speed demons in the past, such as Marvell Wynne, Jonathan Biabiany, and Mathis Bolly, all cult heroes in recent FIFA years. So let's take a look at who the fastest players in EA FC are!

Fastest Players in EA FC 24

EA has revealed every player's rating in EA FC 24, and the Top 100 ratings look incredible, with the introduction of women in UT, this has breathed a new lease of life into everyone's favourite game mode. This year we now have the fastest players in the game, which includes several stars from the women's game that look incredibly OP!

Kylian Mbappe (97 PAC)

Mbappe takes the crown for being the fastest player in EA FC 24, as well as the joint highest-rated in the game at 91-rated! The French forward looks to once again be an absolute menace to the UT society, and packing him early into the game cycle could set you up nicely. There's no doubt some people will have him in the first game week, and he'll likely have a special card with 99 PAC in a few week's time!

Mbappe pace EA FC 24
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Kylian Mbappe

Karim Adeyemi (96 PAC)

At just 80-rated, Karim Adeyemi is the perfect starter squad striker, especially with 96 PAC! The German has some brilliant links to other good starter cards, like Emre Can and his mate Youssoufa Moukoko could be a great partner if you choose to use him for you Evolutions card.

Karim Adeyemi EA FC 24
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Karim Adeyemi

Vinicius Jr. (95 PAC)

Despite a huge +3 upgrade, Vini Jr keeps his PAC rating, and this still makes him one of the fastest players in EA FC 24! An 89-rated LW card with 95 PAC sounds absolutely filthy, and he is going to run rings around defenders. The Brazilian is one of the best players in the game, so getting your hands on him won't come easy.

Vinicius Jr EA FC 24
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Vinicius Jr

Moussa Diaby (95 PAC)

A move to Aston Villa this summer means that there is no more Diaby and Frimpong link, however, Moussa Diaby remains absolutely rapid and will be an insane pick-up for your team. 95 PAC, along with 86 DRI and a low center of gravity, it'll be hard to match his agility, and he will breeze past defenders with ease.

Moussa Diaby EA FC 24
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Moussa Diaby

Alphonso Davies (95 PAC)

The fastest defender in EA FC 24, Alphonso Davies has a whopping 95 PAC from left-back and once again, will be a problem. Linking well to other meta players such as, Leon Goretzka and Kingsley Coman, Davies is a great pick-up for the start of the game.

Alphonso Davies EA FC 24
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Alphonso Davies
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Trinity Rodman (94 PAC)

The fastest women's player in EA FC 24 is Trinity Rodman and her card looks so OP! Rodman is a household name in the US, her father being famous NBA player Dennis Rodman, so there's no wonder why she is so athletic! The RW from Washington Spirit is an incredibly meta player in EA FC, with 94 PAC, and she links well with a few others in this list.

Jeremie Frimpong (94 PAC)

Stay fast or get Frimponged. Simple really. Jeremie Frimpong is another Bundesliga full-back with lightning pace. His 94 PAC is a perfect match for those wingers who try and get past him. Some strong links to other great players too, Frimpong works well in many teams.

Jeremie Frimpong EA FC 24
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Jeremie Frimpong

Daniel James (93 PAC)

James has gone down two ratings in his OVR and PAC in EA FC 24, but remains one of the fastest players in the game. The Leeds United RM isn't going to be used by many in the starting XI, unless you're going for a Championship squad, however, he is a great impact sub, and could burn past those tiring defenders with his 93 PAC.

Sophia Smith (93 PAC)

Arguably the best women's striker in the game, Sophie Smith looks quick, with 93 PAC, and her other stats make for a very OP card. The 88-rated US forward has 85 SHO, 88 DRI, and 82 PHY on top of her incredible pace, making her absolutely fantastic in Ultimate Team.

Mallory Swanson (93 PAC)

Every stat on Mallory Swanson's card, other than DEF and PHY makes her look very meta. Another US forward, Swanson also has 93 PAC and links perfectly with Sophia Smith and Trinity Rodman! These players could make for a perfect front three, with Swanson at LW, Smith at ST, and Rodman at RW. All of them with 93+ PAC, wow!

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