EA FC 24: Can you make your own team

EA FC 24

EA FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 is right around the corner, and Career Mode looks as if it could be the most exciting version yet!

With new features such as Training Plans and Coaching Staff, the ability to make your Career Mode save as unique as ever is here.

On top of the new features in the game mode, other popular additions will be making their way over from FIFA to EA FC 24.

One of which, is the Create a Club feature!

Create a Club

Create a Club is a fairly new feature on Career Mode that allows players to add their own custom football club into any league of their choice!

Along with this, you can assign your club with a rival club, and give them their own unique identity. You will have the ability to also change different aspects of your club.

These include your club name, nickname, crest, kit, and stadium, and you will have the added ability to update this at the beginning of every Career Mode season!

EA FC 24
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EA FC 24 Stadium

Each customisable option allows for hundreds of different choices to make your club as unique as possible.

You also get the choice in the rating of your team, allowing you to start at the bottom of the footballing pyramid, or get stuck into the Champions League.

How to Create a Club in EA FC 24 Career Mode?

The best thing about Create a Club in Career Mode is it's very easy to do!

Once you have launched the game upon its 29 September release date, you will open the Career Mode game mode, select 'Create Your Club,' and off we go!

You will have to replace a team from whichever league you want to become champions of, however, that shouldn't be too much of an issue, just pick your least favourite team and bin them off!

Unless you want to have them as your rivals of course!

EA FC 24
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EA FC 24: Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid

Once you're all set up then the footballing world is your oyster, and you can sign whoever you want!

If you like the idea of Create a Club and want to try it out with friends, then another game mode called 'Clubs' is the place for you!

For more Career Mode news in EA FC 24, be sure to keep up to date with RealSport101.

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