EA FC 24 Career Mode May Take Inspiration From Football Manager

EA FC 24 is not too far away now with the full official release date on 29 September 2023.

We are starting to get a better understanding of the new title through a recent EA Sports deep dive on the game.

One mode that looks to have a few standout changes is Career Mode/ Manager Mode. While information is yet to be confirmed we can get excited about what we know so far.

EA taking tips from FM

In a recent 'The Athletic' article it was revealed that EA FC 24 will have some familiar new features to the game that have been previously seen in Football Manager.

Football Manager is known for its in-depth tactical approach to matches being able to have full control over how your team plays down to how each player moves on the field with specific roles and in-game management.

Manager mode
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Credit: Via @fifawitcher on Twitter

While Career Mode has a very basic version of tactics in the game, fans have been asking for years for a more in-depth tactical version of the game. With some fans debating that Career Mode is dying due to its simplicity. Some fans also state that Career Mode is meant to be simple and easy to play for all ages. Thus, there is a debut for two difficulties of Career Mode which could allow for two versions being a tactical game and a simpler version of tactics being implemented into EA FC 24.

EA FC 24 tactics

Career Mode may be undergoing a Football Manager-inspired transformation, presenting a complete revamp.

As you navigate your team's path, you now have the opportunity to select from seven distinct tactical approaches that define your preferred style of play, such as gegenpress or tiki-taka.

Career Mode
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Credit: Via @fifawitcher on Twitter

When it comes to hiring assistants, their performance will be influenced by two crucial factors. First and foremost, their proficiency in executing your chosen tactical approach, and secondly, their ability to foster player development.

To ensure optimal success and significant player growth, it is essential to recruit coaches who specialise in your selected tactical style. These specialised coaches will play a pivotal role in shaping your team's strategy and enhancing the skills of your players, propelling your team towards greater achievements.

Manager Career coaches

Coaches can be hired in game for EA FC 24 Career Mode, however, you can unlock 5-star coaches in all Career Mode saves as a bonus to pre-ordering the game. Find out more information here.

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Career Mode deep dive time

Coming up soon, Career Mode will have a full deep dive for EA FC 24, showcasing all new features in the game.

We predict this full deep dive will arrive on Thursday 26 July at 4 PM BST.

EA Sports FC 24 Pitch Notes
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COMING SOON - Major feature details are set to be revealed soon

This has yet to be fully confirmed by EA but thus we will update this page once confirmed details are announced.

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