EA FC 24: Career Mode Coaches explained

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Career mode coaches ea fc
Credit: EA Sports

EA FC 24 Career Mode coaches allow for you to develop your players faster and build a well rounded team that can eventually help you win trophies. With new features within training, Career Mode in FC 24 will be great for player growth.

EA Sports FC 24 is soon to launch with a bang as the game is earmarked for release on 29 September. With a number of revamps to player development, gamers can expect a lot of moving parts to handle in order to improve their teams season after season. Currently we have FC 24 player ratings adding to the hype pre-launch!

In this article, we’re going to be covering how coaching works in the new game by outlining the approaches to developing players in different positions as well as through overall training.

So, let’s get right into it with our first look at the coaching mechanisms in the game.

EA FC 24 Career Mode coaches

EA FC 24 has a coaching system that works in a logical way, because coaches are assigned to either goalkeeping, defensive, midfield or attacking departments. They then use the following dimensions to develop players within their allocated department:

  • Tactical knowledge
  • Player development

With regard to tactical knowledge, the game consists of seven different philosophies which govern how teams should play within the game. These are:

  1. Standard
  2. Wing play
  3. Tiki-taka
  4. Counter-attack
  5. Gegenpressing
  6. Kick & rush
  7. Park the bus

Coaches in career mode have either a novice, accomplished or expert level knowledge of the aforementioned tactical approaches and this is what differentiates one coach from another within the game when it comes to competency. So, for example, you could have a coach at Manchester City who has expert level knowledge of the “Tiki-taka” tactical vision, but a novice level of knowledge about the “Park the Bus” approach.

ea fc 24 career mode coaches - tactical knowledge
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As a baseline (i.e. a minimum), each coach is a novice on all seven different types of tactical vision. It’s up to you as a manager to select the best coaches for your team based on the tactical vision you want to employ during matches.

For instance, let’s say you’re managing a dominant Norwich City team in the EFL Championship and employing a gegenpressing tactic that’s working to great effect. Now, you’ll be able to get more performance improvement from your players by hiring coaches who have accomplished or expert level knowledge of this particular tactical vision.

Match XP earnings

Electronic Arts have gone a step further by making this tactical knowledge element of coaching a dynamic one. This is because coaches can gain experience points (XP) over time when the team plays matches, more so through match wins which provide a considerable boost to the knowledge level of a certain tactical approach.

It’s also important to note that all the coaches at a club are eligible to earn tactical vision specific XP from matches played, except those who’ve already attained expert level knowledge of the active tactical vision.

Attribute development

Now here’s where you get the benefits from coaching. Players can reap the rewards of their dedication to following their coaches training via attribute increases.

Here’s how the game developers outline this feature:

“The Knowledge the Head Coach has can increase Attributes of players in their Department. The higher the Knowledge level is, the more Attributes can be. Novice level Coaches typically increase 3 Attributes at most, while Expert level coaches can increase up to 9 Attributes.”

This is pretty self-explanatory but what it means in a nutshell is that coaches with a higher level of tactical knowledge are able to offer a greater boost to the attributes of players.

Now, let’s look through some examples of this.

Wing play coaching example

Here we have the massive-calved Jack Grealish – a first-choice left winger at Manchester City.

ea fc 24 career mode coaches - wing play coach attribute boosts to winger
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With the wing play tactical vision in force, Grealish is able to benefit from increases to his Crossing, Sprint Speed, Acceleration and Dribbling attributes.

Similarly, Erling Haaland gets a boost to Strength, Heading, Shot Power, Jumping and Finishing from having a wing play coach working on making him a better striker.

ea fc 24 career mode coaches - wing play coach attribute boosts to striker
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Counter attack coaching example

On the other hand, a counter attacking coach will be able to influence a different set of player attributes.

In the screenshot below, you can see that Grealish’s Agility, Stamina, Finishing, Dribbling and Acceleration all get a positive bump from counter-attacking coaching.

ea fc 24 career mode coaches - counter attack coach attribute boosts to winger
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Therefore, managers have to choose their coaches carefully because the tactical knowledge a coach can impart has a direct effect on the physical and technical growth of the players being trained.

One other thing that’s worth noting is that the size of the attribute increase is also determined by player sharpness, so regardless of Coach Knowledge level, it’s up to each manager to get players at the right levels of sharpness to get a strong increase, while also having enough energy to be eligible to play the entire match.

Player development

Earlier on in the article we introduced the two main coaching dimensions in the Career Mode module, but we only spoke about tactical knowledge.


Now, here’s where we look at the impact of a coach’s player development capability.

How this works is that each coach has a set of skills for developing players over time. This quality is comprised of a star rating system ranging from one to five, which is also department specific. Here’s what this looks like within the game:

ea fc 24 career mode coaches - player development star rating system
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What this basically means is that a coach can have a rating of four stars for attacking skills and a lower rating of two stars for defensive skills. In essence, they’re better suited to training attacking players than defensive ones, and their attribute boosts will be weighted heavier towards the players on the offensive side of the field.

Overall coach management

Lastly, when it comes to the overall management of coaching duties within Career Mode, you have the flexibility to determine how to allocate hired coaches among the various departments of the club, tailoring the assignments to the unique requirements of each department. However, it's important to note that each club has a limited number of open positions for hiring coaches, primarily based on the club's status and value.

Additional coaching slots can potentially be unlocked on an annual basis by the board, contingent upon achieving a favourable manager rating after the preceding season. Also, worth noting is that the pool of available coaches on the market is periodically refreshed. So, if you're unable to find the perfect candidates to fill all the vacant slots, you can revisit the market at a later time for a fresh selection.

Moreover, EA have introduced a coach wish list feature that empowers managers to specify desired attributes for potential coaches such as Tactical Vision, Knowledge, and specific coaching skills. This tool even offers notifications when a suitable candidate matching the criteria becomes accessible.

On a separate note, coaches also have the freedom to transition between departments without any repercussions, allowing for the maintenance of an optimal quality balance within each department. Additionally, coaches can be released by the club to make room for more qualified available candidates. It's important to note that releasing a coach in this manner incurs a severance package cost, and the released coach will not reappear on the market for consideration.

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