EA FC 24: Can you change stadium?

EA FC 24 Stadium

EA FC 24 Stadium

EA Sports FC 24 is the home of football gaming, and realism is something EA strives upon when it comes to making the game as authentic as possible for the player.

This year the developers have added new arenas such as Luton Town's Kenilworth Road, and many stadiums are incredibly unique!

We have covered all stadiums featured in EA FC 24 in another piece, and with over 100+ to choose from, you could spend hours at many grounds all over the world!

How to change the stadium in EA FC 24?

In EA FC 24, there are many ways to change which football stadium you can play in, and there are more options than ever.

If you are playing a friendly match in Kick-Off mode, you simply have to pick which team you want to control and play against, then go onto Game Settings, and it is on the first column titled 'Match.'

EA FC 24
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Atletico Madrid's Metropolitano Stadium

Once you're on that, scroll down to Stadium and the footballing world is your oyster!

With a ton of stadia to choose from you could be there for a while, and EA has a picture of the ground next to each one, so you know exactly what you are picking!

As for Career Mode, we have covered the stadium feature in our Create a Club piece, in which a team without a stadium on EA FC 24 can still be customised to your choosing.

Can you change the stadium on Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is slightly different from the offline game modes. There are still many options on FUT, however, there's also an added stadia.

The Ultimate Team stadium can be upgraded to your liking if that's something you are interested in, and the more you progress the bigger and better the stadium will be.

Stadium EA FC 24
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Dortmund's Signal Iduna Park

You can also change from that stadium to any other ground in the game, but the only downside is you will likely have to buy the arena off the market, which could cost you a few coins, especially the popular grounds!

Or you could be lucky and pack a cool stadium, or your favourite team's ground if it's on the game.

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