Best team for 100k coins in EA FC 24

EA FC 24: Best team for 100k coins

EA FC 24: Best team for 100k coins

EA FC 24 is well underway with Ultimate Team fans looking to create their best teams under a strict budget!

We have already covered the the best teams for 20k, 50k, 200k, 500k and 1 million coins to why not check them out!

Without further ado let's take a look at the best team you can buy in FC 24 for 100k coins.

Best 100k squads in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

While the game is not yet released, we can use the AI Squad Builder and price predictions on to create these teams.

These three teams are all predicted to be available for 100k coins in FC 24 Ultimate Team from the release day!

Team 1

Meta Rating: 86.1

Chemistry: 33

Formation: 4-2-3-1 (2)

We have an exciting team for you that can be purchased for 100k coins at the start of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. The defence is solid with good pace and physical stats, made even better with Casteels in between the sticks! A CDM duo of Kimmich and Can makes this team even better.

The star player in this team is Reiten who will cost roughly 18k coins, with amazing technical stats she can help take this team to the top!

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Team 2

Meta Rating: 85.7

Chemistry: 32

Formation: 4-2-1-3

A Serie A and women's Premier League hybrid makes for a very good 100k squad! With a defensively solid team with help from the two CDMs Bennacer and Anguissa this team can attack without having to worry too much on being caught on the counter. An attack of Kirby, Chiesa, Miedema and Kelly adds pace and quality to the team! Not to mention Chiesa's sick-looking Mad Ready card!

team 2
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Team 3

Meta Rating: 85.5

Chemistry: 33

Formation: 4-3-3

We have an amazing team here for you using the 4-3-3 formation, starting from the attack this front three is scary good with Reiten, Miedema, and Kelly! This attack has everything you will need such as pace, dribbling and finishing!

The midfield is cemented by great all-rounded players who can do a bit of everything. The defence has a mixture of pace and strength which is so important in Ultimate Team!

team 3
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