Best Defenders in EA FC 24!

Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk

EA Sports FC 24 is in touching distance and player ratings have been revealed ahead of the 29 September release date, and we are pleased to share loads of content with you, from deep dives into your favourite game modes such as, Ultimate Team, Career Mode and Clubs, as well as the fastest players in EA FC, and the best dribblers.

Excitement for the latest game from the franchise is at an all-time high, as the divorce between EA and FIFA looks to bring the best game yet, and we have an entire database of player ratings to look at in EA FC 24.

Defending in any of the past FIFA games is very important and is in EA FC 24 too, ensuring that your opponent doesn't score more goals than you do. The DEF stat is usually highest in Centre Backs, but we have a couple of CDMs in the list too. So let's take a look at who the best defenders in EA FC 24 are!

Best Defenders in EA FC 24

This year we see a whole new realm in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, with the introduction of women to the game mode, there are endless possibilities when it comes to squad building. As for defensive players, PAC is always considered, but the most solid defenders usually have DEF as their best attribute.

Paolo Maldini EA FC 24
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Paolo Maldini

1.Wendie Renard (91 DEF)

Lyon's Wendie Renard has the highest-rated DEF stat in the entire game and this comes as no surprise. The Lyon and France captain is known for her incredible strength and is a brick wall for opposition strikers to get past. She is also capable of a power header, scoring 92 goals in 284 appearances for her club since 2006!

2. Mapi Leon (90 DEF)

The DEF stats are dominated by the female athletes this year and Barcelona's Mapi Leon is second on the list. After winning Liga F and the Champions League with her club, Mapi Leon has been given a huge 89 rating, making her the highest-rated female CB in the game!

3. Virgil van Dijk (89 DEF)

Van Dijk has the highest DEF stats for male footballers on Ultimate Team and has been one of the best defenders in the game for several years. The Liverpool captain has some great stats and with 78 PAC, won't be ran past too easily.

Virgil van Dijk
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Virgil van Dijk

4. Ruben Dias (89 DEF)

Fresh off the back of winning the Treble with Manchester City, Ruben Dias has been upgraded to +1 in his rating, and with that, his DEF rating has also increased by +1. The Portuguese CB looks a solid defender, despite his 62 PAC, he will still be very good in-game.

5. Casemiro (89 DEF)

Casemiro is the best CDM in the world and has been for some time, with his main job being to sit in front of the back four and block the passing lanes, which he does brilliantly. That is why EA has given the Brazilian 89 DEF. His stats look pretty decent all-round too, but similarly to Dias his PAC is 63.

Casemiro EA FC 24
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6. Irene Paredes (89 DEF)

Ultimate Team is littered with solid defensive players this year, and Irene Paredes is the perfect CB partner for her friend Mapi Leon. Another Spanish Barca centre-back, Paredes also won the World Cup with her country in the summer, with her 89 DEF being her stand-out stat.

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7. Paulina Dudek (88 DEF)

Paulina Dudek is the PSG captain and will be 84-rated in EA FC 24. The Polish CB is NOT related to Jerzy Dudek, however, it would be cool to see a Dudek in GK and another in the defence. The 88 DEF is her stand-out attribute.

8. Thiago Silva (87 DEF)

Despite a poor season with Chelsea last campaign, Thiago Silva is still one of the best defenders in the game, and is one of the greatest of his generation. His 84-rated card with 87 DEF is likely to be SBC fodder unfortunately, however, he still has great defensive attributes.

Thiago Silva EA FC 24
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Thiago Silva

9. Kadeisha Buchanan (87 DEF)

Kadeisha Buchanan is one of the best WSL defenders, and currently players for Chelsea. Her PAC is 67 which is on the borderline of being usable, however, with 87 DEF and 85 PHY, the Canadian looks to be the real deal when it comes to female defenders!

10. Lena Oberdorf (87 DEF)

Lena Oberdorf is basically the female Casemiro, with both players' stats being very similar. The German CDM plays for Wolfsburg and is only 21 years of age! She will likely win many competitions with the two-time Champions League winners in her future and will be able to play at her home stadium in EA FC 24!

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