EA FC 24: Best Clubs Player Names

EA FC 24 Clubs names

EA FC 24 Clubs names

EA Sports FC 24 is almost here, and fans wait patiently in anticipation of the 29 September release date. Tons of information has been released or leaked over the past few weeks giving us a clear understanding of Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Clubs, and we have everything in one place for you!

Excitement for EA FC 24 is at an all-time high and fans will be given the most authentic experience to date, with 100+ stadiums in the game, new licensed leagues, and lots of content to get your hands on!

Clubs is the game mode made for friends to go on their own journey through leagues, attempting to win trophies on the way. Collaborate with your club mates to reach the top, but ensure that you have to perfect name to go with your pro.

What will your player name be in Clubs?

There are plenty of names out there, some hilarious and some that don't make any sense, however, your pro needs an identity!

Be sure to check out our piece on the Best Clubs Names, covering the funniest names to name your team in EA FC 24.

We've gone through some of the internet's best lists when it comes to funny player names and picked the best ones, whilst also throwing in some of our own, so let's take a look!

EA FC 24 Clubs player names

EA FC 24
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Gerard Pique
  • Pique Boo

A classic name to kick us off is Pique Boo. With Gerard Pique retired from football, it may be a perfect way to remember him, and this name would be perfect for a scary centre-back.

  • Dribble Cisse

This works great for a quick winger or small striker. A play on the name of Djibril Cisse, you'll have to make sure your pro has great dribbling ability.

  • Lady Yaya

The Toure brothers always seem to have their names turned into something 'punny' when it comes to football. Lady Yaya could be the female regen of Yaya Toure, a central midfield general.

  • Bacuna Mateta

A play on words with two footballing names, Leandro Bacuna and Jean-Phillippe Mateta, whilst also celebrating the brilliant Lion King films.

  • Pepe Pig

This guy could be a monster at the back, just like Pepe was at Real Madrid. A mix of Pepe and Peppa Pig of course!

  • Ibra Cadabra
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Creating your pro to look like Zlatan Ibrahimovic and making him tricky, just like in real life sounds like a lot of fun, and when you disappear past defenders you can say 'Ibra Cadabra.'

Zlatan EA FC 24
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Auba Eats

What makes this great this year is Aubameyang actually plays for Marseille in the Ligue 1 Uber Eats league.

  • Christian BenTekkers

A tall striker with unbelievable tekkers, this name makes loads of sense!

  • Bilbao Baggins

A play on words with the Lord of the Rings character Bilbo Baggins, and the Basque region of Bilbao in Spain. This would be cool to have a Hobbit-looking player from Spain.

  • Ayew Mad

If you're one of those toxic Clubs players, then this name is for you. Opponents will be rattled when they see Jordan or Andre Ayew's name mixed into this name asking them, 'Are you mad?'

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