New pack coming to EA FC 24 Ultimate Team!

EA FC pack

EA FC pack

EA Sports FC 24 is full of gamers playing Ultimate Team now, with early access almost over, and the official release coming on 29 September, there is a lot to look forward to.

We have covered guides on Evolutions cards such as Relentless Winger, and Golden Glow Up, as well as the Road to the Knockouts, and Pepsi promo, so be sure to check those out!

Promos usually come with packs, which everyone loves to open, however, there has been a pack leaked that contains a crazy amount of items, that are said to be coming to FC 24 very soon!

Elite Season Opener pack

According to the reliable leaks page @UTSources on Twitter, EA is set to release its biggest pack yet, and it is only September!

This pack is called the Elite Season Opener and contains a crazy amount of items, here is what's inside:

  • 80+ x45 Rare Gold Players
  • 87+ Loan Hero Player Pick
  • 88+ Loan Icon Player Pick

This pack is huge considering that the game has not even been officially released, which begs the question, is Ultimate Team really that fun anymore?

Ultimate Team - Better or Worse?

Since Ultimate Team was first released in FIFA 09, things have drastically changed, and over the years we are seeing fewer teams with just full gold players.

We have already seen a 275k coin pack in FC 24 and the game is only available for early access.

275k pack
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275k pack

On top of that, people already have insane teams with tons of special cards, which was a rarity in previous FIFA games.

New Era of Ultimate Team

Of course, we miss the days when you could play with a full silver Belgian Pro League team in FIFA 13, and could easily beat people in division one, but those days have changed.

The need to continue pumping out promos is the way of gaming nowadays, and we are here for it.

TOTW 2 promo
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TOTW 2 promo

We aren't sure how much this pack will cost yet, however, it will be north of 300k coins in Ultimate Team.

Will you be buying it when it is released?

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