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FC 24 is out in full force with players now having a couple of weeks under their belt of playing the game. Learning all-new gameplay features, there is one feature that players have noticed is very OP...

With the new title out, there are a lot of new experiments such as predicting Arsenal v Man City, as well as tons of Evolutions content, with guides to the Relentless Winger Evolutions, and Golden Glow Up and Pacey Protector, so be sure to check them out.

Let's take a look at the latest gameplay feature that has been overused and is overpowered in FC 24!

Pressing in FC 24

In FC 24, pressing has emerged as a contentious issue due to it being overpowered and too easy for any player to do. Many fans have expressed concerns about the excessive strength of auto-press in FC 24.

This is particularly noticeable or most effective when players employ a low defensive line with a 71 defensive line being most popular this year, it is too easy to press defenders way back to their goal or even corner flag.

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It often appears as if the entire team suddenly transforms into formidable defenders, even players with low defensive awareness stats as most attackers do, press and win the ball back as if they are top-class defenders. This has led to debates about the balance and realism of the game. The lack of a clear distinction between manual and auto-press is another point of contention. Players want there to be more of a skill gap in the game, but auto-press can often overshadow these efforts.

This results in frustration when players with lower defensive awareness stats perform exceptionally well due to the AI. The community's outcry highlights the need for better gameplay balance, ensuring that auto-press doesn't dominate the game and diminish the role of skill levels. EA Sports may need to consider adjustments to address these concerns.

How do you press in FC 24?

Well, if you can't beat them then join them. EA Sports will probably fix auto-pressing soon so you may as well take advantage of this while you can!

Partial Team Controls
R1 Press and Hold
RB Press and Hold

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