Is Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Free to Play?

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DMZ is a brand new game mode coming to Modern Warfare 2, and will be dropping alongside Warzone 2.0 very soon. We still have limited hard intel about what the game will actually involve, but we make guesses from the gameplay released recently.

The new game mode will run parallel to Warzone 2.0 but will be a completely fresh take on the Battle Royale experience we've seen so far. Here's everything you need to know about the price tag and more.

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Will DMZ be free-to-play?

When it releases, DMZ will be completely free and can be downloaded by everyone regardless of what platform you play on. This is great news whether you just want to give the brand-new mode a try, or if you're keen on the new experience.

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DMZ will be much more open-world and narrative based than Warzone, but any purchases you make, be it the new Battle Pass or in-game bundles will also be accessible in the new mode.

The new game mode may be a perfect way to get to grips with Al Mazrah, as you'll be completely free to explore while completing objectives. Everyone will be very new to the experience too, so less focused on the win than your Warzone opponents.

How to Download DMZ


DMZ will come linked to Warzone 2.0, so if you're downloading the new Battle Royale DMZ will come along with it. You don't need to own Modern Warfare 2 in order to play either, but if you own both then they should be seamless to switch between.

Check out our warzone 2.0 guides to get as familiar with DMZ as you can, as the two modes will share many of the same mechanics and vehicles.

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