Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 Materials Farming Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
Credit: HoYoverse

Annihilate your adversaries with Zenless Zone Zero’s Soldier 11, a well-trained combatant with a relentless focus on her objectives. She inflicts both physical and fire damage through her slash attacks and is a vital member of the OBOLS Squad faction.

With her banner debuting in Zenless Zone Zero's 1.0 Phase 1, Soldier 11 is an S-rank attack expert, proficient in delivering both physical and fire slash damage, making her an exceptional DPS choice for players who enjoy incinerating their foes.

To fully optimize Soldier 11, you'll need to collect the required Ascension and Skill Materials to elevate her levels and augment her abilities.

Soldier 11 Promotion Materials List

Every 10 levels, Agents encounter a level cap. To surpass these caps, you must collect Promotion materials tailored to their attack type, Slash, Strike, or Pierce.

Promoting an Agent enhances their core stats, such as ATK, DEF, and HP, and provides an ascension bonus to another stat at certain points, like CRIT Rate% or Impact.

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
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Here's a breakdown of the total amount of Promotion materials required for Soldier 11:

Soldier 11 required promotion materials.
Basic Offense Certification Seal x4
Pioneer's Certification Seal x30
Advanced Offense Certification Seal x32
Dennies x800,000

The following table shows the specific Promotion materials needed to ascend Soldier 11 at each 10-level interval:

Soldier 11 Promotion Materials
10 -> 20
Dennies x24,000 Basic Offense Certification Seal x4
20 -> 30
Dennies x56,000 Advanced Offense Certification Seal x12
30 -> 40
Dennies x120,000 Advanced Offense Certification Seal x20
40 -> 50
Dennies x200,000 Pioneer's Certification Seal x10
50 -> 60
Dennies x400,000 Pioneer's Certification Seal x20

Soldier 11 Skills Materials List

Each Agent possesses five skills: Basic Attack, Dodge, Special Attack, Chain Attack, and Core Skill. These can be upgraded using Dennies and element-specific Skill materials.

Soldier 11's unique abilities and passives demand specific materials for unlocking and leveling up, greatly boosting her power.

To fully upgrade her skills, you'll need the following Skill materials:

Soldier 11 Skills Materials Needed
Basic Burn Chip x10
Advanced Burn Chip x30
Specialized Burn Chip x100
Hamster Cage Pass x5
Finale Dance Shoes x9
Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance x60
Dennies x1,400,000

Soldier 11 Promotion and Skill Materials Farming Guide

In Zenless Zone Zero, all materials can be farmed using the VR Device in the Random Play Store.

The VR Device offers great customizability, allowing you to select enemies that drop the specific materials you need for Soldier 11, enabling you to gather everything in one run.

Offense Certification Seals & Burn Chips

Combat Simulation is the key area for farming essential upgrade materials. These materials are crucial for promoting Agents, modifying W-Engines, and enhancing character skills.

The rewards you receive depend on the enemy lineups, including Soldier 11's Promotion Materials (Certification Seals: Basic/Advanced/Pioneer's) and Skill Materials (Burn Chips: Basic/Advanced/Specialized).

Higher Dimensional Data - Destructive Advance

For these materials, you'll want to do Expert Challenges which combine elements of Combat Simulation and Reckless Challenge. Fight elite enemies with increased difficulty, and you'll get the things you need to upgrade Soldier 11's core skills! These challenges are vital for advanced character development.

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11.
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Credit: HoYoverse

The game's Sixth Street Coffee Shop offers drinks that boost your VR Device farming efficiency, by increasing the drop rate for specific materials (e.g., Ascension materials).

This should let you farm Soldier 11's Promotion and Skill materials quickly! Each cup of coffee also provides 60 free Battery Cost, which is what you need for those VR challenges. While these coffees aren't free, you can get more materials which offsets the cost.

If you're looking for more Soldier 11-related content, check out our Soldier 11 Build Guide, where we explore her best W-Engines, Drive Disks, team compositions, and Skill prioritization!

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