Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 Build

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
Credit: HoYoverse

An S-rank Agent who excels in Fire anomaly and slash damage, Soldier 11 is a member of the OBOLS Squad who can excel at a main DPS role on your team in Zenless Zone Zero. You'll be able to find her in the standard banner.

Known for her high attack power and fire damage, Soldier 11 utilizes the Fire Suppression mechanic, which involves timing her basic attacks correctly or using her EX special or chain attack to imbue her attacks with fire, maximizing her damage output. Keeping her on the field allows her to make the most of her Fire Suppression status and high base attack.

Soldier 11 Best W-Engine

Soldier 11 can inflict significant fire damage within a small AOE and enhance her basic attacks through Fire Suppression.

Let's dive into the W-Engines that best complement her playstyle:

Adv. Stat
Hellfire Gears
Fire DMG
Using an EX Special Attack increases Impact by 15%, stacking up to 3 times, with each stack lasting 6 seconds.
Cannon Rotor
Crit Rate
Attacks that deal a CRIT on an enemy will deal an additional 275% ATK as damage. This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.
Electro Lip Gloss
Anomaly Mastery
Deal 40% more Attribute Anomaly Damage
Starlight Engine
Soldier 11 gains a sizeable damage boost from her high attack when coming off a chain attack.

The Hellfire Gears W-Engine significantly enhances Soldier 11's capabilities, making her a formidable force on the battlefield. This engine increases her fire damage by 25%, a substantial boost given that most of Soldier 11's attacks rely on fire suppression to deal fire damage. Additionally, when using an EX Special Attack, her impact increases by 15%, with the effect stacking up to three times and each stack lasting six seconds!

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
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Credit: HoYoverse

The Canon Rotor W-Engine offers a remarkable boost to Soldier 11's critical hit potential. This engine increases her Crit Rate by 16%, and any attack that lands a critical hit deals an additional 275% of her attack as damage. This effect can only trigger once every five seconds, but it synergizes perfectly with Soldier 11's high base attack of 929, which is the second highest in the game.

If you want a W-Engine to boost Soldier 11's chain attacks, Starlight Engine is particularly effective. When she launches a chain attack, her attack power increases by 24% for ten seconds. Given her high attack stat, this results in a substantial damage boost. Additionally, after a chain attack, Soldier 11 gains Fire Suppression, which further enhances her basic attacks with fire damage.

As for the Electro-Lip Gloss, the increased attribute mastery makes it easier to apply the burn effect and deal more damage. In squads with at least two physical agents, this enhanced burn damage can provide a massive burst of damage, further solidifying Soldier 11's role as a primary DPS agent.

Soldier 11 Best Drive Disk

With the W-Engines sorted out, let's take a look at the best Drive Disk sets and stat priorities for Soldier 11:

Drive Disk
Assassin's Ballad
2-Piece: Increases ATK by 10%. 4-Piece: Basic Attack DMG increases by 20%, with an additional 12% when defeating an enemy. This effect stacks up to three times and lasts 15s.
Woodpecker Electro
2-Piece: Increases CRIT Rate by 8%. 4-Piece: Landing a critical hit with a Basic Attack, Dodge Counter, or EX Special Attack boosts the equipper's ATK by 9% for 6 seconds. The buff duration is calculated separately for each skill.
Noisy Pop
2-Piece: Increases ATK by 10%. 4-Piece: Basic Attack DMG increases by 15%.

The Assassin's Ballad 4-piece set is highly beneficial for Soldier 11 due to its significant boosts to both attack power and basic attack damage. With a 20% initial boost, and 12% stacking up thrice, you can quickly ramp up her damage during battle, making her basic attacks more powerful and enabling her to take down enemies more efficiently.

Meanwhile, the Woodpecker Electro set complements Soldier 11's high crit potential by significantly enhancing her critical hit capabilities, and Noisy Pop provides a straightforward but effective boost to Soldier 11's ATK output.

Drive Disk Stat Priority

Main stats

  • Slot 4: CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  • Slot 5: ATK%
  • Slot 6: Attribute Mastery

Sub stats in order of priority:

  1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  2. ATK%
  3. Attribute Mastery
  4. ATK

Soldier 11 Best Bangboo

Bangboos are team companions that can boost your team's overall performance. So, it's important to pick one that works well with your character!

Here are the best options for Soldier 11:

Increases CRIT DMG of all Agents by 28%, and the CRIT DMG of Cunning Hares Agents by an extra 28%
Increases CRIT Rate of all Agents by 14%, and the CRIT Rate of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents by an extra 14%

Both Butler and Amillion are valuable Bangboo for Soldier 11, with Butler's energy generation buff complementing Soldier 11's core passive, ensuring a steady flow of energy for the team.

Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11
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On the other hand, Amillion's CRIT boosts significantly increase Soldier 11's damage potential and synergize well with impact units like Anby. This makes Amillion a strategic choice for teams that rely on high crit damage and impact units, as it amplifies the damage output of both Soldier 11 and her teammates.

Soldier 11 Best Teams

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When creating a good team for Soldier 11, you'll need to ensure that her damage is maximized as the Main DPS character. Here is a promising team to consider:

  • Main DPS
    • Soldier 11
  • Sub-DPS
    • Koleda is essential for stunning enemies, which enhances Soldier 11's damage output.
  • Support
    • Lucy supports the team by enabling the core passive effects.

Soldier 11 benefits from the team's combined core passives, which enhance her Fire DMG by 10% when there are two fire or OBOLS squad agents present. This bonus increases by an additional 22.5% when attacking stunned enemies, making Koleda, the sub-DPS, essential for her ability to stun.

Lucy plays a crucial support role, enabling the core passive effects and further enhancing the team's overall performance. This setup ensures that Soldier 11 can consistently deal high damage and take full advantage of her fire abilities.

Soldier 11 Skill Priority

When building Soldier 11, it's essential to prioritize her skills to maximize her damage output. Here's a breakdown of the key skills to focus on:

  • Basic Attack
  • EX Special
  • Core Passive
  • Ultimate ATK
Zenless Zone Zero Soldier 11 in combat.
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Credit: HoYoverse

That's all for our build guide for Zenless Zone Zero's Soldier 11! We'll make sure to update this guide with any changes if and when they come up.

If you're interested in learning more about the game, check out the Zenless Zone Zero 1.0 banner lineup here! Also, find out how to get a guaranteed 5-star in Zenless Zone Zero.

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