Zenless Zone Zero Pity Explained - How to Get a Guaranteed 5-Star

Zenless Zone Zero Splash Art

Zenless Zone Zero Splash Art

HoYoverse's Zenless Zone Zero is an urban-fantasy gacha game, scheduled to launch on July 4, and as with all gacha games, it features a system where mechanics like pity rate and 50/50 chance influence your ability to obtain the strongest characters, weapons, and Bangboos.

Zenless Zone Zero stands out from HoYoverse's popular titles like Honkai: Star Rail and Genshin Impact. It boasts a distinct art style, combat mechanics, setting, and core gameplay. However, one familiar element remains, the gacha system. You'll use premium currency on banners to acquire characters and boost your account's power.

Zenless Zone Zero Pity System Explained

The concept of Pity in Zenless Zone Zero is very similar to other gacha games. Essentially, Pity is a mechanic that ensures players acquire a four-star or five-star character after a specific number of pulls:

  • Four-star: Guaranteed in every 10 pull
  • Five-star: Guaranteed in every 90 pull
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There's also a hidden mechanic called "soft pity" that increases your chances of pulling a five-star character after 75 pulls. This means you'll likely get one before hitting the hard pity of 90 unless you have some seriously bad luck.

Does Pity Reset After Pulling a Five-Star?

After a five-star pull in Zenless Zone Zero, the Pity counter resets. This implies that even if you manage to obtain a five-star within 30 pulls, you will have to restart from zero pity.

Character and Weapon Banner Pity Odds in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero uses a 50/50 system for its limited-character banners. When you pull a five-star character on a limited banner, there's a 50% chance it'll be the featured character and a 50% chance it'll be a standard five-star character.

If you don't get the featured character on your first 50/50 chance, your next five-star pull on that banner is guaranteed to be the featured character.

The 50/50 chance and guaranteed pity system persist even between banners, as long as you haven't pulled the featured character yet.

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This implies that it's possible to get a standard five-star character on a limited banner within the first 90 pulls. But any five-star character you pull after that (assuming you haven't gotten the featured one yet) will be guaranteed to be the featured character.

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Zenless Zone Zero also features a weapon banner with a similar 50/50 system but with some key differences. Here, you will receive a five-star weapon after 80 pulls, as opposed to 90 pulls for character banners. Therefore, the soft Pity for weapon banners is set at 65, while it remains at 75 for character banners.

How to Get a Guaranteed Five-Star in Zenless Zone Zero

Obtaining a guaranteed five-star unit in Zenless Zone Zero is not a simple task, except for relying on luck while making wishes on the banners. However, if you spend more than 75 wishes, a five-star unit is guaranteed.

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The advantage is that once the game is launched, there will be various rewards available that will facilitate obtaining a five-star character early on. At this point, it is uncertain whether Zenless Zone Zero will introduce a beginner banner similar to Honkai Star Rail.

If such a banner is introduced, you will be able to obtain a guaranteed five-star unit after making 50 pulls, which can be achieved within a span of approximately two to three days.

How to Check Your Pity in Zenless Zone Zero

You can verify your Pity in Zenless Zone Zero and calculate the number of wishes you can conserve as well as the number of pulls you will have within a specific time frame.

Beneath each banner in Zenless Zone Zero, there is a "Search History" tab available. Simply click on it to review your pull count and effectively plan for the next five-star character.

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