Zelda Breath of The Wild 2: Wishlist for the Sequel - Better Combat, Boss Variation, Difficulty Options, Latest News & More

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For over a year now, Nintendo has been dropping small pieces of information about the upcoming Breath of the Wild (BOTW) sequel.

There are some aspects of the combat mechanics in BOTW that have been flagged by the loyal Zelda community, so we're here to deliver our wishlist for the sequel's combat mechanics.


Continue below for what we would like to see improved in Breath of the Wild 2.

Combat Improvements

Stumbling across Bokoblis, Moblins and various other enemies at all corners of the map provides an exciting challenge for players.

However, there are some key combat mechanics that could do with an upgrade, as they can have been known to hold back the experience.

Weapon Durability

You'll accrue an impressive inventory of weapons as you explore the map of Hyrule, but the best weapons break quickly.

botw flameblade wishlist

FIX WEAPON: Wouldn't it be great if there were blacksmiths to bring back your beloved weapons!

And the worst weapons even quicker. 

Breath of the Wild almost discourages players to use their weapon, which they are often edging to run wild with. 

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There really is nothing worse than losing your Flameblade after lighting up a just few fires and enemies!

The durability mechanics could do with an update, or it should be removed entirely.

Boss Fights

Various forms of Ganon in the game are impressive from a design standpoint, forcing Link to improvise with his core mechanics.

boss fight botw 2 wishlist

VARIATION PLEASE: We need to see some new bosses introduced to the storyline!

However, with five of the game’s six bosses being variations of Ganon, it is quite easy to lose interest in the next meeting with Link's ancient foe.

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The mini-bosses aren't particularly interesting either - more or less just carbon copies of each other.

We need to see more differentiation on an aesthetic level (at the very) least in the upcoming sequel.

Difficulty Options

The sequel absolutely needs to include difficulty options when you embark on your journey!

botw wishlist

EASY, MEDIUM, HARD OR LEGENDARY: You should be in control of your experience

Alternative modes are the best way to appease beginners and veterans alike, as they engage with the game in entirely different ways!

Difficulty options that impact health regeneration and enemy difficulty at the very least would be a nice touch from the developers!

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