Breath of the Wild 2 Leak: Gameplay changes, Playable Zelda DLC & Latest release date news

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Breath of the Wild 2 is Nintendo's biggest project for 2020, despite a brand new Animal Crossing launching this month.

From what we've gathered so far, the second instalment is going to take a darker turn from the themes explored in BOTW.


However, we usually see Zelda relying on Link to help save the fate of the Kingdom of Hyrule, but this time around it could be Zelda who saves the day.

We have been waiting for an official statement from Nintendo to confirm our suspicions, but a recent leak may have just done the job for us.

Continue below for all the latest details.

The Leak

A leak was picked up by a couple of French gaming websites (Nintendo Town, followed by Jeux Video).

Though we are unsure of where this leak originated from, they emulate a lot of the details coming from WabiSabi's leaks in the backend of 2019.

Release date


WabiSabi's leak implied that Zelda will be arriving much sooner than we thought, and this new leak seems to concur on the idea of a 'Winter 2020' release date.

Playable Zelda

It has been heavily implied that Zelda will become a playable character in the upcoming game, the same way that Ciri did in The Witcher 3.

CO-OP: Nothing will get the community more excited than an option to play as Zelda

We've also heard that a standalone DLC focused on Zelda is currently under discussion at Nintendo.

Hyrule's destruction


In the BOTW 2 trailer, the Kingdom of Hyrule is engulfed in a cloud of dust after a big explosion.

AFTERMATH: Will Link be able to restore Hyrule to its former glory?

Parts of the world we grew to love have been left scattered around the sky, while huge craters have been left behind in their place.

You'll need to work on your navigation in order to get around the map this time.

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We also heard that the new game will feature at least two different cities, which have much greater populations than those featuring in the original.



The climbing mechanics have allegedly been redesigned for Breath of the Wild 2.

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This means that there will be more of a focus on the player's timing and balance, rather than a more generalised technique for all situations.

Latest news

A number of claims made in this leak stand in line with what others in the community have been saying, and it sounds like the game will release around the same time as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.


CRUNCH: Hopefully Zelda will make it out for the end of 2020, in order to compete with next-gen consoles

This will probably be the case so that Nintendo can attempt to compete with Sony and Microsoft in terms of Holiday season sales.

Nintendo will surely have to make an announcement in the coming months so that they can build hype around the time of launch, so prepare yourselves for that.

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Then again, the next announcement we get from Nintendo could be about Animal Crossing: New Horizons, dropping in this March.

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Only time will tell, so stay tuned for our weekly updates.