Breath of the Wild 2 Voice Work ISN'T Complete: Development Update, Release Date, Theories & More

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As we wait for more information about Breath of the Wild 2, some reports have surfaced from Spain which suggest that the game could launch sooner than expected.

That said, it's starting to look like the reporters got a little lost in translation when taking notes from an interview that featured two voice actors from the game.

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Continue below for everything we know about the situation.

What's really happened?

Rumours about an alleged update on the game's development began surfacing following an interview with the voice actors behind Revali and Zelda's Spanish dubs.

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LOST IN TRANSLATION: Somewhere along the line, it looks like the voice actors' comments were taken down wrong


As reported by Gamereactor, the pair have noted that their work on the new game is already done.

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In a quiet interview with Spanish podcast 'A Coffee With Nintendo', the voice actors seemed to note that their work on the new game was already done!

What we didn't know at the time, is that the pair were actually making a joke - albeit a bit of a distasteful one.

The two continued their act as they later claimed that they were unsure if they should have disclosed such sensitive information.

What does this mean?

Well, if this was all just a joke between friends, then we are quite a bit further away from the release date than initially thought.

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PUSHED BACK: We temporarily got our hopes up, but we should have known better


Few details have been revealed about the sequel recently, other than the obvious fact that it's coming to Nintendo Switch.

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We still don't have a release date.

All we've really got is a new story trailer, which teased a dangerous new enemy for Link to confront with Zelda.

That said, some theiroes suggest that a teaser has been hidden in the trailer all along, and we just couldn't see it.

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Location Theory

A prominent theory coming from Reddit suggests that a location teaser for the sequel has been hiding in plain sight all along!

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HAVE WE MISSED SOMETHING? The theory in question has gone as far as naming the location of where the trailer is set!


This particularly compelling theory has gained a lot of traction in recent weeks.

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To cut a long story short, the theorist suggests that Link and Zelda made their way deep into the Gerudo desert and found the Arbiter’s Grounds.

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DOES IT CHECK OUT? This theorist really did their research, but the idea hasn’t received any official backing.


This is where Ganondorf was imprisoned at the end of Twilight Princess, which could be related to the re-animated corpse in the official trailer.

But how well does this theory place Link and Zelda at the ruins? Head on over to our BOTW 2 Theories article for the full breakdown.

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