Breath of the Wild 2: Trailer - Hidden Teaser, Location of Zelda Sequel, Ganondorf & More

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Breath of the Wild 2 has been Nintendo’s most closely guarded secret since the game was revealed at E3 2019.

We've seen countless unofficial theories about what kind of adventure Link and Zelda might embark on next, but one, in particular, has some substance to it.


And the worst thing is that this teaser has been hidden in plain sight all along!

Latest trailer

We caught our first glimpse of BOTW 2 at E3 2019, with a spooky trailer that captures Zelda and Link exploring an underground chamber.

A DARK TURN: Insidious forces threaten the survival of Hyrule

Sat on the back of an elephant-like creature, the pair witness the rise of an evil looking warrior, amongst a few less disturbing things.

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However, a Reddit user has formed a rather convincing theory that places the underground dungeon in a very specific region.

Continue reading for all of the details!

Hidden teaser?

One particularly compelling theory has emerged, suggesting a location of the dungeons featuring in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.

IS THIS JUST A TEASE: This theorist really did their research, and their overarching story somewhat checks out!

Deep within the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild, the Arbiter’s Grounds are buried under a whole lot of sand.


For some context, the Arbiter’s Grounds was also a dungeon in Twilight Princess. 

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This was where Hyrule’s most evil criminals were banished to the Underworld with the Mirror of Twilight, and where Ganondorf was sentenced to death at the Arbiter's Grounds by the Ancient Sages.

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RUINS: The Arbiter’s Grounds were explorable in Twilight Princess

To cut a long story short, the theorist suggests that Link and Zelda are exploring the ruins of where Ganondorf imprisoned in Twilight Princess.

So the question arises – was there a teaser for the sequel hiding in plain sight this entire time, and we just didn’t notice?


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What gives this theory substance is that the trailer is full of Gerudo hieroglyphics eerily similar to those seen in the Twilight Princess version of the Arbiter’s Grounds.

The animation of what could be Ganondorf’s mummified corpse could be another teaser that places BOTW 2 in the Gerudo’s ancestral home.