Breath of the Wild 2: Reddit - Multiplayer, Playable Zelda, Location Teaser, Combat & More

In the absence of any form of official update from Nintendo, plenty of rumours have been doing the rounds on the Breath of the Wild 2 subreddit.

Some posts focus on what new features could be coming to the game, like a multiplayer option and content for a playable Zelda.

Others focus on small bits of information in the hope of unveiling a new piece of information on the sequel.

What unites both parties is that they both cite unofficial information and leaks as gospel, so keep your wits about you if you visit the page.

Continue below for some interesting stories we found on the Zelda subreddit.

Playable Zelda doubt

We usually see Zelda relying on Link to help save the fate of the Kingdom of Hyrule, but the community is crying out to see Zelda save the day.

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CO-OP: Nothing will get the community more excited than an option to play as Zelda

However, one particular Reddit user isn't hopping on the playable Zelda bandwagon, and gives a few reasons.

playable zelda
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SUSPICIOUS: u/lualdu has made up their mind on the playable Zelda debate

While we can see what the user is saying, their views certainly do not serve as an accurate barometer for the mood of the community.

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We really do hope that some standalone DLC focused on Zelda is under discussion at Nintendo, so we will be back with an update when we receive one!

Hidden teaser

On the topic of location, countless theories have emerged on where Link and Zelda might end up next.

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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: This is one of the hottest topics being debated for the Zelda sequel

One particularly compelling theory has suggested the location of the dungeon in the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer.

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However, before we get into it, we need to remind you to take this speculation with a pinch of salt.

Tell me more!

Deep within the Gerudo Desert in Breath of the Wild, the Arbiter’s Grounds are buried under a whole lot of sand.

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DEDICATION: u/TheSadisticLemon really did their research on this one!

To cut a long story short, the theorist suggests that Link and Zelda made their way into the ruins and found Ganondorf imprisoned (there like he was in Twilight Princess).

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So the question arises – was a teaser for the sequel hiding in plain sight this entire time, and we just didn’t notice?

The animation of what could be Ganondorf’s mummified corpse is leading theory that that places BOTW 2 in the Gerudo’s ancestral home.

Wouldn't it be great if...

We think that the sequel absolutely needs to include difficulty options when you embark on the new journey!

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EASY, MEDIUM, HARD OR LEGENDARY: You should be in control of your experience

Alternative modes are the best way to appease beginners and veterans alike, as they engage with the game in entirely different ways!

Difficulty options that impact health regeneration and enemy difficulty at the very least would be a nice touch from the developers, but we are remaining hopeful.

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