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Xbox Series X

23 Apr 2020

Xbox Series X Logo: 'revealed' in trademark application, Reddit, 'Xbox Series S' concept, Design, details and more

The next generation of consoles is certainly a hotly discussed topic within the gaming industry, and recently an Xbox Series X logo has got people talking.

It should be noted that this is not an official reveal by Xbox, but rather taken from a trademark application.

Nonetheless the image was quickly uploaded shared and discussed on Reddit.

Let's take a look at the Xbox Series X logo and what people could take away from the design.

Xbox Series X Logo

Xbox Series X Logo

CLEAN: The logo has a very modern aesthetic

Best described as very minimal and clean, the design of the logo works well with the overall look of the Xbox Series X itself.

With Xbox Series X, we know some information about the specs of the console and the appearance. Now with the logo fans may be starting to get a clearer picture of the whole package.

Some of the reactions on Reddit were understandably diverse. User QuantumInteger writes, 'I like it. It's mean. It's sharp. It's clean. It describes the next gen Xbox perfectly.'

On the other hand, other users, such as explored Matty10101 gave some thought towards the 'Series' portion of the logo.

'The fact series is placed and sized as it is pretty much confirms some other letter' he writes.

This is a continuation of an ongoing theory about what else could be released from Xbox under the Project Scarlett umbrella. However rumours of an Xbox Series S have been circulating for sometime, but with no official confirmation as of yet.

'Xbox series S' is rumoured to be a less powerful and smaller version of the series X. And as with PS5 Design Concepts, people have had a go at imagining the rumoured console.

User jiveduder posted this concept on Reddit:

Xbox Series S Fan Concept and Xbox Series X Design

COMPACT: The Series S is imagined to be quite literally a smaller version of the Series X

Scheduled for release in Holiday 2020, the Xbox Series X anticipation is certainly building! For all the latest on Xbox Series X and next gen, be sure to keep checking back in!