Xbox Series X: Launch Lineup discussed by Head of Xbox - Launch Titles, Phil Spencer, Exclusives, Halo Infinite & more

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In a recent interview with IGN, Phil Spencer (Microsoft's executive VP of Gaming) discussed the launch lineup for the upcoming next-generation console, Xbox Series X.

Set to release in the 'Holiday' period of 2020, Microsoft is still confident that it's next-gen Xbox will make it out on time, despite the issues associated with the spread of COVID-19.


Continue reading for all the details we have on Xbox Series X's launch lineup.

Launch Lineup

At the time of publishing, we know that the launch lineup consists of only one game - Halo Infinite.

master chief halo

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When asked about the launch lineup, Spencer did well to waffle around the topic, not really confirming anything.

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Spencer actually commented on how he thought the Xbox One had too many games released on the launch day, saying:

"It doesn’t really help somebody to have eight games launched on one day, and I think you can pace those out”

This means we could be seeing just a few games launch with Xbox Series X this winter.

Confirmed Titles

Now, though there is currently only 1 game set to launch with Xbox Series X, we know of a few other games that will be coming to the next-gen console.

A futuristic shot from Cyberpunk 2077

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These include:

Interestingly enough, Cyberpunk 2077's developers recently confirmed that anyone who purchases the game on Xbox will get a FREE version of the game when next-gen launches.

Will the other studios make the same offer?

Only time will tell.

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