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Xbox Series X

09 Nov 2020

Xbox Series X Giveaway: Win a free console on the XboxOn stream!

Xbox Series X launch day, 10 November, is almost upon us!

With Xbox Series X stock being quite limited, giveaways are even more important for players to get a taste of next gen gameplay on early on.

The good news is the XboxOn livestream is giving away multiple Xbox Series X consoles!

Here's how to get involved.

XboxOn stream Xbox Series X Giveaway

Xbox Series X is hard to come by with stock limited, but the XboxOn livestream is coming through for gamers still in need.

xbox series x s prices min
THE DAMAGE: Here's how much Microsoft's next gen consoles will set you back, that is if you don't win the giveaway!

The stream features some Xbox Series X gameplay showcasing the next gen console in action, including ray tracing and more.

But many viewers are tuning in for something more than just the gameplay, a chance at an Xbox Series X console!

How to join the Xbox Series X giveaway

The XboxOn stream is giving away several Xbox Series X consoles today, and you can earn them in different ways. The most simple way is by using emojis in chat during specific periods of the stream.

This will only work if you follow the channel, but once this is done, simply entering an eligible emoji when the stream asks for it will enter you for a chance to win an Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Giveaway Stream XboxOn
TRIVIA: The Xbox Series X Giveaway stream features many ways to win

The stream also features other types of Xbox Series X giveaways that involve retweeting a tweet as well as following the channel, and answering trivia questions correctly in Twitch chat.

Tune into the stream here to keep up with all of the ways you can enter an Xbox Series X giveaway ahead of launch day!