12 Nov 2020 12:51 PM +00:00

Xbox Series X: Gamers report serious disc drive issues

The Xbox Series X has been a remarkable success already for Microsoft.

Phil Spencer, head honcho of the gaming giant, said that in 24 hours more consoles sold than ever before.

But it looks like not everything has gone smoothly for Xbox, as users are reporting a rather serious issue.

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Disc drive problems

As odd as it might seem, having a disc drive on your console has been a big cost for gamers this time around. With both Microsoft and Sony offering cheaper, discless, versions, those that opted to get the more expensive Xbox Series X are suffering.

Some users have reported a mad clicking sound, like Twitter user RWillows.

Not ideal - this Xbox user got an odd sound from his Series X
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Not ideal - this Xbox user got an odd sound from his Series X

Meanwhile, other users have been unable to get their console to accept discs at all.

drknickel was another that discovered the issue, and was less than happy about it.

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Any solution?

As ever, the gaming community took to Reddit to try and crowdsource a solution.

Users found a fix that simply involved a bit of brute force.

This doesn't sound ideal, and is certainly a bit risky given how expensive and hard to get these consoles are.


Microsoft's answer

While not addressing the problem directly, Xbox Support did put out a tweet about how carefully product-tested these consoles are.

They also provided anyone experiencing issues to contact them for fast "self-support assistance".

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