*UPDATED* Xbox Series X Features REVEALED - Quick Resume, Loading Times, New Controller & more clips

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Despite the global Coronavirus pandemic, Xbox Series X is ploughing on full steam ahead.

Fear not, as Microsoft has continued to roll out Series X news, with first visuals of some of the key new features for Xbox's Next Gen console.


Quick Resume

Quick Resume allows you to have multiple games and apps open at the same time, and jump in and out of them - think about how your smartphone is able to keep all your open apps running in the background.

Not only that, but when opening up a game, it will resume at the stage from where you last played it.

So no more waiting and going through menus to get back to the action.

Loading Times

With speed everything in gaming nowadays, making sure the console is as optimised as possible, including limited lag and loading times, is absolutely key to Series X's success.


Xbox Series X controller

The new Series X controller is slightly smaller with more rounded edges and bumpers, to enhance access to younger gamers.

xbox series x controller

SUBTLE - Can you spot the changes from the Xbox One controller?

The D-pad now sits deeper to allow more comfort for your thumb, with areas in the corners for diagonal movement.

The new controller is also xCloud compatible, so you will be able to use this controller with your mobile phone.

The Series X controller is cross compatible with the Xbox One controller, with the next-gen and previous-gen gamepads usable across both platforms.


Latency has been reduced, and a new "Share" button (similar to that of the PS4 controller), allows you to record, capture and upload at the press of a button.

Enough with the fridge memes!

It seems Microsoft has had enough with the likeness of Series X to a household fridge, but releasing the following image on the Xbox Twitter page.

xbox series x fridge

WHAT THE FRIDGE!? Xbox prove that the Series X is just a fraction of the size

Release date

There has been no announcement from Microsoft that the release of the Series X will be delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak.


ON COURSE - Despite Covid-19, Series X should be with us by Christmas

So unless told otherwise, prepare for a "Holiday 2020" release.

PS5 no-show?

The future of the PlayStation 5 is still very much in the dark, with Sony telling us very little about its Next Gen console.

ps5 release date 500x281 1

IN THE DARK - With no visuals or feature reveals, the future of the PS5 is unclear

It too is also set for a "Holiday 2020" release but there has been no response to Xbox's feature reveal earlier this year.


The heat is very much on Sony, especially with the Coronavirus outbreak only creating even more uncertainty around the PS5.

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