The latest Xbox Series X news & console stock updates

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It's a bit of a quiet one from Xbox today, but that doesn't mean there isn't an exciting week ahead!

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For now, though, here's all the latest Xbox Series X news and a stock update if you're still having trouble getting your hands on one.

Xbox Series X Stock Update

As you might imagine, it's still not as easy as it should be to get your hands on an Xbox Series X.

At the moment, looking at StockInformer, we can see that none of the major UK retailers have the Xbox Series X in stock. That doesn't mean that we're not expecting a drop soon, though. It's been an unusually long time since we've seen one.

Xbox News Today Wireless Headset
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SOME STOCK FOR THIS - One of the only things you CAN get is the new Wireless Headset

For a while now, Very, Argos, and GAME have all been talked about in regards to Series X stock. There's nothing concrete from anyone in the know, but expect some more to become available sometime soon.

Alternatively, there's always second-hand consoles from CEX or eBay. These will be at an inflated price, but if you can't wait they usually have enough stock of both the Series X and Series S available.


Age of Empires Definitive Collection Updates

It's been a big weekend for Age of Empires fans. Not only did we get a brand new look at Age of Empires 4, but we also got an updated look at the Definitive Collection of the first three ground-breaking titles.

This beloved real-time strategy series is going to be bringing new DLC to Age of Empires 2 and co-op gameplay for the first time!

You can check out what we know so far below:

Age of Empires 3 DE is also getting the new United States Civilization on April 13th and it will be free for a limited time if you finish the new in-game challenge!

Whether you're looking forward to the new title, or prefer the nostalgia of the older generations... there's a lot to look forward to as an Age of Empires fan.


Upcoming Releases & New Updates

In terms of new games, it's actually a pretty quiet week for Xbox players. MLB The Show 21 is making its way to Xbox on April 20th, and MotoGP 21 is coming out on April 22nd. However, that's pretty much it for new games.

Apex Legends' War Games event is kicking off on all platforms tomorrow, April 13th. This features new LTMs, a new Rewards Track and additional cosmetics to unlock in-game.

Xbox News Today Apex Legends Ultra Zones War Games
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NEW MODIFIERS - The next Apex Legends Event is going to be an exciting one

FIFA 21 is also currently going through a FUT Player Days in-game event ahead of the Season of the Year that's expected to start in a couple of weeks. This event features some of the best Special Cards from in-game events throughout the year for a limited-time in Packs and limited-time SBCs.