Xbox News Today: Outriders is out on Game Pass!

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It may be April Fool's Day but Xbox aren't fooling around with their news today. We've got everything you need to know about what's going on in the world of Xbox and an Xbox Series X stock update too!

Xbox Series X Stock Updates

As always, it's going to be tough if you want to get your hands on an Xbox Series X today.


StockInformer confirms that no major UK retailers have any Xbox Series X units in stock.

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You can currently pre-order the Xbox Series X at GAME through the Xbox All Access scheme or a variety of GAME-made bundles. However, the release date of these is unconfirmed at the time of writing as restocks are sparse.

Xbox News Today Series X Console
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SOON - Restocks are expected throughout the first two weeks of April

As an alternative to buying one new from a larger retailer, both CEX and eBay sell second-hand Xbox Series X consoles at an increased rate. Of course, it is advisable that you wait to get one for the RRP brand new, but the options are there.


Outriders Launch On Game Pass

It is finally here and it wasn't an elaborate April Fool's Day joke! Outriders, the new looter-shooter from Square Enix is actually out on Game Pass right now!

Game Pass has become known as a hub for indie titles and first-party Microsoft games, but Outriders' release on Game Pass from day one is a historic moment that could open it up to other developers in the future.

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In celebration of this, Xbox UK is running a competition to win one of six one-of-a-kind controllers inspired by the game.

Outriders aim to be the next big looter shooter and its unique gameplay and well-established in-game universe undoubtedly put it on the right path to achieve this.


Black Desert Class Update

Popular MMO Black Desert has added a new class to its' ranks today. The Scholarly Sage knows that knowledge is power and can "manipulate [space and time] to bring scholarly nuance to the destruction of his foes".

There are also a series of events being added to Black Desert in celebration of Sage's addition to the game, exclusive to Xbox.

Black Desert Online Sage Xbox News Today
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MAGIC - Knowledge IS Power and the Sage knows how to wield it

Players can earn the 7 Days Value Package, the Eye of Wise, the Atoraxxion Chandelier, and the Trainer's Flute by playing as the Sage on Xbox.

Furthermore, if you can hit level 62 with the Sage before April 28, you can get your hands on some special rewards including:

  • Cron Stones,
  • Advice of Balks,
  • Gold Bars,
  • Artisan Memory,
  • Laila's Petal,
  • Shakatu's Rare Chest

Next-Gen Optimisation On Xbox

As 2021 continues, Xbox continues to be the leading platform for next-generation optimisation for existing games and today isn't any different.

On top of Warframe's release later in the month, Xbox Wire has announced that two more titles are getting Xbox Series X|S optimisation in the future.

The Descenders and Elder Scrolls Online will both be making the most out of the immense power the Xbox Series X|S has to offer to boost performance and fidelity going forwards.

Although the updates aren't out today, with both coming Summer 2021, it's welcome news to players who enjoy either of these titles.


Game Updates

FIFA 21 is still working its' way through their FUT Birthday celebrations with another batch of Daily SBCs and Objectives that offer up the chance to get massively upgraded cards in their popular online mode.

No Man's Sky also just received another major update. Expeditions introduce a new way to explore and adventure with your friends on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

In addition to this, the Blackwood Prologue quests are now live in The Elder Scrolls Online ahead of the expansion's launch.