Daily Xbox Series X news & console stock updates for May 6th

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Looking for the latest Xbox news today? We've got the latest content updates from some of the best Xbox titles out there and an Xbox Series X console stock update. If you're struggling to get a new console, the wait might almost be over.

Xbox Series X Stock Update

If you're still having a bit of trouble getting your hands on an Xbox Series X, you're not alone. There's still a pretty drastic stock shortage across major UK retailers.

If we look at StockInformer, a site designed primarily to inform people of stock updates, it confirms our suspicions. However, there are reports that places like GAME, John Lewis, and Argos are going to get PS5 console stock soon so it's not outside the realms of possibility that UK retailers will be getting Xbox Series X stock soon.

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WHICH IS BEST? - The Series S is cheaper and smaller, but the Xbox Series X is a powerhouse

If you really can't wait, though, there's always second-hand retailers like CEX and auction sites like eBay. They won't be following RRP guidelines so you might be paying a bit more than you'd like, but they will have consoles in stock. You just need to be careful about what you're picking up.

Project Cars Electric Car DLC

Audi's one-off concept sportscar, the AI: RACE, features in Project Cars 3's brand new Electric Pack. It's a hugely innovative vehicle that could be vital in developing a more environmentally friendly supercar.

" The Audi AI:RACE is basically a two-seater “wing-car” with tons of downforce and LMP1 levels of performance. A press of a button, though, shifts the driver’s seat into a central position in the cockpit (“monoposto”-style) to transform it into a single-seater race car."

The Project Cars 3: Electric Pack comes with the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S, the 2020 Volkswagen ID.R, the NIO EP9 Super Sportscar, and the Audi AI: RACE. If you want to know more, there's a very detailed rundown of how the AI: RACE was added to Project Cars 3 by Lead Vehicle Artist Jan Frischkorn from Slightly Mad Studios.

505 Games Publisher Sale

There's a brand new Publisher Sale on the Xbox Store right now and you can get up to 80% off titles from 505 Games!

Control Ultimate Edition, which features Xbox Series X enhancements, has 50% off. Terraria, Ghostrunner, Journey to the Savage Planet and Indivisible are all also half price.

If you're looking for a bit more, Payday 2: The Crimewave Collection is 80% off and Sniper Elite 3: Ultimate Edition is a massive 90% off! You could pick that up for less than a cup of coffee.

If you already own Control, or Ghostrunner, or Journey to the Savage Planet, you can also get great discounts on all the additional content and DLC for these games.

Dead By Daylight Title Update

We might not have Left 4 Dead 3, but we do have Bill Overbeck in Dead by Daylight. Now, we have even more Bill Overbeck in Dead by Daylight as he's going to be at the heart of the upcoming Tome.

These Tome updates are more lore-based than the major content additions, but they do offer a few good rewards. Think of them like Dead by Daylight's take on a Battle Pass.

" Tome VII’s accompanying Rift, reworked for easier progression, delivers a unique collection of Left 4 Dead-themed outfits and charms as part of its Free Track. For those willing to look deeper into the Fog, The Premium Track features 70 tiers of time-limited rewards to collect."

There's also going to be a sale for Zarina Kassir and The Plague, as they both feature heavily in Tome VII: Forsaken. This will stretch from May 5th 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST until May 12th 11:00 EST / 16:00 BST.

Minecraft Dungeon Cloud Saves

As Microsoft continues to develop Xbox's wide array of services, there's one thing at the forefront of every decision they make: availability. Xbox is always trying to open up their games to as many people as possible and today marks another small, but important, step in creating a truly connected network of games.

Minecraft Dungeons will now have Cloud Saves on every platform; This means your progress will save whether you're fighting on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, or on your mobile device.

It might not affect all of you, being a Minecraft Dungeons-exclusive feature, but it's an important step in bringing this to every Xbox title in the future. Titles like Fortnite do this, too, but it's still largely absent from a lot of multi-platform multiplayer titles.