The Elder Scrolls Online to receive next-gen upgrade

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Last week was a busy week for the Xbox brand, with Outriders launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one, as well as the announcement that MLB: The Show 21 will also be coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches on April 20th.

MLB has been a PlayStation exclusive since the series began in 2006, so this is huge news for Microsoft.

But, it is a new week which meansnew news to look at.

Here's the latest Xbox news for April 5th.


Elder Scrolls Next-gen Upgrade

A next-gen version of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls Online has been released.

According to Xbox News, the game will feature 60fps and improved visuals.

This new port will be available on both n ext-gen consoles, the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on June 8th.


Stock Update

As reported yesterday, BT Shop is an unlikely place to look for a next-gen console, but they do have the Xbox Series S in stock.

The console retails for the standard £249.99 and comes with the new Series controller, which is an improved version of the previous Xbox One controller.

One thing to note is that the Xbox Series S is weaker than its Series X counterpart, targeting 1080p and 1440p rather than 4K and is also digital-only, but it is still an impressive console for the price.

With Xbox Game Pass there are plenty of games to choose from, over 400 in fact, as well as being able to purchase games from the Xbox Store.

The Series S only has 512GB of storage so grabbing a storage expansion is crucial for the console.

As a sole console, we would probably suggest waiting for the Series X to come back in stock, but this would make be a great choice to sit alongside a PlayStation 5 in anyone's TV unit.