Daily Xbox news & Xbox Series X stock updates

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Looking for the latest Xbox news today? We've got the latest updates from the world of Xbox and an Xbox Series X stock update if you're still looking for a new console.

Xbox Series X Stock Update

If you're still looking for an Xbox Series X console, then this is the section for you! Although, it might not be the news you want to hear as next-gen console stock shortages are hitting pretty much every major UK retailer hard.

Looking at StockInformer, a website built solely around checking the stock levels of certain products, we can see that the Xbox Series X is out of stock. What's worse is that we're not expecting any Xbox Series X stock for a couple of weeks yet.

Xbox News Today MLB The Show 21
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STRIKE OUT? - With any luck, Xbox Series X stock should be easier to come by throughout May

If you're desperate though, there are auction sites like eBay or a second-hand retailer like CEX. These should have some Xbox Series X stock, but they're not bound by the RRP guidelines and you'll need to be careful what you're getting.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Game Pass

It's another win for Xbox Game Pass players, really. Dragon Quest Builders 2 is due to release on May 4th and you can pre-download it on Xbox Series X consoles right now!

What's better than pre-downloading a game, though? Well... If you have an active Xbox Game Pass membership, you'll be able to play Dragon Quest Builders 2 for free with your subscription!


It's another great big-name title coming to the service at launch and you have to wonder if it is the best deal in gaming right now.


May 2021 Games With Gold

It was a tad early, but we know what we're getting from Xbox's Games With Gold for the next month!

Once again, it's a bit... Disappointing if you're hoping for a big-name title to drop, but it's what we expect from Games With Gold nowadays.

Armello and Lego Batman are the first two titles to be made available and then Dungeons III and Tropico 4 will drop on May 16th! You can check out the tweet confirming these from Xbox's Major Nelson, Larry Hryb, below:

iOS Controller Support

In a recent iOS update from Apple, the new Xbox controllers should now be supported on any iPhone rocking iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5.

Alongside a couple of other nifty updates, both the PS5's DualSense and the Xbox Series X|S's controllers should now be supported on devices with the new iOS update.

Xbox News Today Wireless Controller Electro Volt Red Camo
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NEW DESIGN? - Commiting to Cloud Gaming? a new controller might be a good idea

This is fantastic news if you're looking to start playing Xbox Game Pass games via Cloud Gaming, which is currently being beta-tested on Apple devices via web browsers.

There are over 200 cloud-enabled Xbox games, but only around 50 titles have touch support. So, chances are, you'll need to use an Xbox controller. Thankfully, the options are a bit more plentiful now.

Game Updates & More

In other news, there's a Planet Coaster Console Edition Ghostbusters content pack coming out in the next couple of days and there's a chance for you to win a copy!


In addition to this, the Electro Volt Xbox Series X|S controller is now available! You should be able to get your hands on it from all the major retailers, including Microsoft.