Daily Xbox News & Xbox Series X Stock Updates

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It's another sunny day and we have all the latest Xbox news for you! If you're not looking for news though, we have an Xbox Series X stock update too!

Xbox Series X Stock Update

Stock shortages are hitting hard and the Xbox Series X isn't dodging this bullet. Looking at StockInformer, we can see that there isn't any Xbox Series X stock at any major UK retailers.

In addition to this, a lot of "those in the know" are saying the same things about the Xbox Series X as they are the PS5: May at the earliest.

Xbox News Today Xbox Series X
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GOT A CONSOLE? - Are you having trouble picking up an Xbox Series X?

If you're looking for an Xbox Series S, though, we have good news. Very, Currys PC World, and Microsft Store all have those in stock.

There is another way to get an Xbox Series X, though. CEX and eBay are just two examples of places where you can get a second-hand console at the moment. They're sold at an inflated price, and you need to be careful what you're getting, but they are in stock.

Of course, we'd recommend waiting to buy a new console at the RRP but we know it's hard to wait.


Game Pass Invitationals

The two-day Xbox Game Pass Invitationals are here and they're off to a great start!

This tournament features some of the best Xbox Game Pass for PC titles out there and a few good content creators too! You can check out the announcement for the start of the event below:

It looks like they kicked things off with Among Us and Twitch-streamer GaGod landed an important win early on in the tournament.

Free-to-Play Games Update

If you missed it yesterday, Microsoft has finally announced that Free-to-Play titles on Xbox will now actually be free to play!

This means you'll no longer need an Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership to play games like Apex Legends, World of Tanks, and Warzone on an Xbox console.


This is a fantastic step in the right direction for Xbox, especially considering PlayStation has been doing this for a while. Now, if only they could get some good Games With Gold games out there...


Black Ops Cold War & Warzone Season 3

This is the big gaming event on everyone's lips today. Last night, Verdansk was blown to sh*t by a Nuclear Missile and now we're waiting in the aftermath for a new Warzone map to drop.

In the meantime, though, Black Ops Cold War/Warzone Season Three has started and introduces a new load of content to the game.

There are six new weapons coming, four new operators, a new Battle Pass, new BOCW multiplayer maps... It's a lot as you might imagine. You can check out the new content roadmap below:

Game Updates, Events & More

This isn't it, though. There's a lot going on today.

Warframe's 8th Anniversary Event is starting and the Call of the Tempestarii update is out now!


We have the 8th Anniversary Event Rewards schedule for you below, so you don't miss anything!

  • Week of April 19: 2 Alerts and Weekend Credits Booster
    Items – Dex Sybaris, Weapon Slot, and Excalibur Dex Skin
  • Week of April 26: 2 Alerts and Weekend Affinity Booster
    Items – Dex Dakra, Weapon Slot, and Dex Nouchali Syandana
  • Week of May 3: 2 Alerts and Weekend Credits Booster
    Items – Dex Furis, Weapon Slot, and Dex Liset Skin
  • Week of May 10: 3 Alerts and Weekend Affinity Booster
    Items – Excalibur Dex in Action Glyph, Excalibur Dex Noggle, and Dex Raksaka Armor

In addition to this, the Ultimatum Expansion for Path of Exile is finally here! It introduces eight new gems, a series of Trialmaster's Challenges, and more blood and guts than you can shake a claymore at! Check out more about that below:

Furthermore, it's Team of the Season time in FIFA 21. So far, we're dealing with the Community TOTS voting and the actual release date for these cards has finally been revealed! Who do you want to see get an upgraded card? Bruno Fernandez has to get one, right?