Daily Xbox News & Series X Stock Updates

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Looking for the latest Xbox news for today and an Xbox Series X stock update? We've got everything you need to know about what's going on in the world of Xbox.

Xbox Series X Stock Updates

If you're looking for a new Xbox Series X, you might have a tough time of it for the rest of April. Smyths Toys has altered their listing for Xbox Series X consoles from "Expected April" to "Expected May" and this seems universal for major UK retailers.


Looking at StockInformer, we can see that no major UK retailers have the Xbox Series X in stock and only Very seems to have the Xbox Series S. You might be able to pick some up in-person at your local retailer, but this will be location-specific and in small numbers.

4Gadgets, a retailer that handles Xbox All Access reportedly still has a significant amount of stock if you're looking to sign up for the Payment Plan.

Of course, there's also CEX and eBay. They both stock second-hand Xbox consoles at inflated prices, so we recommend waiting for a restock if you can.

Sea of Thieves Season 2

It's that time again, Pirates! Sea of Thieves Season 2 has finally kicked off today and it's a pretty major update!

Forts of Fortune are the newest World Event to be added to Rare's seafaring epic, but don't let that fool you! There's a lot of great stuff on offer.

A Pirate Emporium refresh and a new Plunder Pass also add a whole new host of cosmetics for you and your ship, adding a fresh touch of style to the ocean. You can check out the full Patch Notes with details on everything that's coming here.


Free Play Days

There's another title coming to Xbox's Free Play Days promotion today!

Kingdom Two Crowns, the pixelated micro strategy kingdom-builder, is coming to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate players for free from April 15th 00:01 PST / 03:01 EST / 08:01 BST until April 18th 23:59 PST / 02:59 EST / 07:59 BST.

Kingdom Two Crowns Xbox News Today
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BUILD AND SECURE - You need to protect your kingdom, alone or with a friend
" Kingdom Two Crowns is a micro strategy game where players take the role of a monarch and build their kingdom. Enjoyed solo or in two-player co-op, the campaign challenges players to explore the mysterious world to discover resources and artifacts, recruit loyal subjects, and build their realm. Monarchs will need to be diligent and clever to keep their kingdom and subjects secure from the ever-present threat of the notorious Greed, whose repeated attacks may thwart the potentate’s plans."

All you need to do is head to the Microsoft Store on your Xbox, find the Subscriptions Tab and then head to the Free Play Days section to download it.


Game Updates & Upcoming Releases

Tools Up! Garden Party is also getting its first episode today! "The Tree House" adds fifteen new levels, two new tools and a few more interesting mechanics that are built purely for this DLC expansion!

" You decide what works best for you—anything goes in the great outdoors! And before calling the job done, you’ll have to uncover the mystery of the tree house."

Curse of the Dead Gods is also getting a new update today following its February release. The Curse of the Dead Cells is a crossover collaboration that seemed too good to be true! It adds three new weapons, the Cursed Chest and another curse that adds the iconic Dead Cells Prisoner appearance to the game.

On top of all this, we also got a brand new look at the next OlliOlli game in yesterday's Indie World Showcase. This is coming to Xbox consoles in the winter and OlliOlli World looks like the perfect continuation of the OlliOlli series.

" OlliOlli World takes place in a vibrant, bizarre world in which you set out to on an epic road trip to seek out the Legendary Skate Gods and become a legendary skateboarder. Venture to several lush skating locations such as Sunshine Valley or Los Vulgas, along the way discover new places and paths to skate, build up your tricktionary, obtain new gear, and set new high scores as you compete against friends."