Here are the latest improvements coming to Xbox this month

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The Xbox Series X|S may have released six months ago, but Microsoft isn't taking things easy and is working tirelessly to make the platform and ecosystem the best they can be for gamers.

New details surrounding the May update have been revealed and a lot is being improved.

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Here is everything you need to know.


New Xbox May Update Details

In a blog post, Microsoft laid out what to expect from the May 2021 Xbox update.

Quick Resume Improvements

Quick Resume is a terrific feature for next-gen consoles, allowing players to instantly pick up where they left off when they turn the console back on.

Players can always switch between multiple games without having to go through the loading process, meaning you can stop your single-player game to jump on for a few games with the boys (or girls), and then hop back onto your single-player game after without having to wait two minutes for it to load.

With the new update, players will be able to see which games support the feature, as well as see which games are currently loaded to be able to be switched between.

"You’ll be able to see if your current game supports Quick Resume with a new tag. Gamers on Xbox Series X|S can also take advantage of a new group that lists all the games currently saved in Quick Resume. You can use the group to see which games are ready launch from Quick Resume and launch from there. Like other groups, you can add it to Home for quicker access or customize your experience by removing a game from the Quick Resume state."

Xbox Quick Resume Groups
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Passthrough Audio For Apps

Passthrough audio will be implemented for apps, improving the overall sound quality of app such as Netflix, Disney+, and YouTube.

Xbox Passthrough
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Game Trailers For Game Pass

"Discover your next favorite game on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with faster and easy access to spotlight trailers for games in the Xbox Game Pass library. Now game titles featured in the spotlight on the Game Pass hub will play trailers when you focus on them."

New Dynamic Backgrounds

A new Dynamic Background pattern has been added to the Xbox Series X|s called Motes.

You can find the new Motes dynamic background in Settings > General > Personalization > My background > Dynamic background.

Xbox Dynamic Background Motes
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Improved Parental Controls

Parents will now be able to restrict certain multiplayer titles, including only allowing the game to be played while disabling other features such as voice chat.