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Possible Game Pass Leak reveals multiple release dates for 2022 games

Thanks to a leak posted on ResetEra, it appears that multiple release dates for 2022 games have been revealed following an issue with Steam's internal database. All of the games leaked are set to also launch directly into Xbox Game Pass.

The user - Sullivan - posted the list onto the forum and it revealed eleven games that are set to release this year on Xbox Game Pass along with the dates that have been assigned to them. As Sullivan points out, these could very well be placeholders that are very commonly given to games on digital storefronts before an official date is announced.

Regardless, there are some big names on this list and they all help fill the currently sparse summer release calendar. Some of the more notable names on the list are Somverille, Trek to Tomi, Sniper Elite 5, Slime Rancher 2 and Slintlock: The Siege of Dawn.

The release dates span from as soon as 20 April all the way through to 9 September. It's no secret that Xbox Game Pass won't be adding any major first-party titles over the Summer after Redfall was pushed back to September 2022.

This list of third-party titles is quite bulky and there are some potential hits in there for sure. Trek to Yomi was recently shown off during the Sony State of Play and gained a lot of hype. Somerville has been a highly anticipated indie release since its trailer at E3 2021.

The Sniper Elite games have a very strong cult following but appeal to quite a wide audience, especially if launching on Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost. Slime Rancher was a surprise hit and its sequel will look to build on that foundation to create another memorable experience.

Finally, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn was only very recently announced but comes with a lot of promise as New Zealand based developer A44 look to continue their amazing work following the release of Ashen in 2018

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