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Ubisoft+ Xbox Release Date: When does this service come to consoles?

Xbox Game Pass is already a fantastic subscription service for Xbox and PC players to enjoy - but what if we told you another subscription service from one of the industry's leading publishers was coming to Xbox consoles alongside it? It's almost as if Xbox players will never have to buy a new game again!

Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox consoles in the future and we have everything you need to know about when.

When does Ubisoft+ come to Xbox consoles?

Earlier in the week, Ubisoft released a statement alongside their announcement that Rainbow Six Extraction was coming to Xbox Game Pass confirming that Ubisoft+ was coming to Xbox consoles in the future.

Unfortunately, it's painfully vague and doesn't specify when this service will be arriving. At the moment, all we know is that Rainbow Six Extraction will be arriving Day One - January 20th - and Siege is joining PC Game Pass on the same day, having previously only been available on Game Pass for consoles.

With any luck, we'll see Ubisoft+ arrive alongside these two titles on January 20th, however, this feels unlikely given the fact that we're so close to this date. This is why we're under the impression that we won't see Ubisoft+ on Xbox for a couple of months. Of course, take this with a pinch of salt, but this doesn't seem like the service they'd just drop on us unannounced. It's a huge moment for Xbox and Ubisoft - they're going to want to celebrate!

What even is Ubisoft+ anyway?

To put it simply, Ubisoft+ is like Xbox Game Pass for Ubisoft games. At the moment, it's only available on PC, though - but, as you can see, it's starting to make the jump to consoles.

Here's what Ubisoft has said about it - this about sums it up...

" Originally launched for PC, the service allows access to more than 100 Ubisoft titles at a single monthly cost, with games and DLC available on launch day, and monthly rewards including cosmetics, boosters, in-game items, and more."

Ubisoft titles are going to be available Day One through Ubisoft+, much like how Xbox Studios titles are available Day One through Game Pass. This could open up a whole new selection of brand new triple-A titles for Xbox players.

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